Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday, Dec. 19, at a presidential debate gave an impassioned defense of immigrants, saying that they are “the future of America” and people “should get used to it.”

“The reason we’re the country we are is because of immigration,” Biden responded to the question about reparations for African Americans, reported the Daily Wire. “We’ve been able to cherry-pick the very best from every single continent.”

“The people who come here have determination, resilience, they are ready to stand up and work like the devil,” Biden said. “We have 24 out of every 100 children in our schools today is Hispanic. They [the] idea that we are going to walk away and not provide every opportunity for them is not only stupid and immoral but it’s bad for America.”

“They are the future of America,” Biden continued. “And we should invest in them. Everyone will benefit from them, every single American and you should get used to it.”

“This is a nation of immigrants, that’s who we are, that’s why we’re who we are, that’s what makes us different and we should invest in them,” he concluded.

Last week, the former Vice President released his immigration plan, providing amnesty to all 11 million illegal aliens living in the United States and freeing border-crossers into the country.

Biden has had trouble reconciling his liberal immigration proposals with the Obama administration’s high deportation rate. He recently acknowledged the “pain” caused by deportations carried out when he was vice president.

In September, Biden claimed illegal immigrant children “become Americans” before actual United States citizens do.

Meanwhile, the black community on Twitter criticized Biden for ignoring the question of reparations. 

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