Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said in a speech to a group of seniors in Florida on Tuesday, Oct. 13, that President Trump considers seniors to be “practically nobody,” allegedly based on the president’s own words. Again, Biden used the tactic of taking the president’s words out of context to invent lies that then go viral on the networks.

Biden cited a speech by President Trump last month and said specifically that Trump had stated that the CCP Virus “affects virtually no one” and hurts “only older people with heart and other problems.” In his words, Biden wanted his listeners to believe that the president considers older people to be nobodies.

Biden’s speech was quickly checked by Breitbart that analyzed the words quoted by President Trump last month, noting that they are a malicious interpretation by the Democratic candidate.

“We now know the disease. We now know it affects older people, older people with heart problems and other problems. You know, in some states, there were thousands of people, no one under 18. Take your hat off to the young people because they have an incredible immune system, it affects virtually none,” were the words spoken by President Trump.

Trump was talking specifically about who it affects among young people under 18, and the answer was “virtually no one.”

At no time did he suggest that older people are “practically nobody,” he specifically pointed out the risks for older people.

This was just one more of the many lies that were verified in Biden’s speeches. 

Recently, in a nearly two-minute campaign ad for Biden, the former vice president made an effort to blame and smear President Donald Trump as responsible for the crisis caused by the CCP Virus, arguing that he was too soft to confront the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and that he did not even try to bring American professionals into China to investigate the origin of the virus. 

This statement was another of the big lies of the Biden campaign. In fact, as the Washington Post pointed out, U.S. officials were in China since Feb. 22 trying to negotiate with the CCP to be able to participate in the investigation of the origin of the virus.

On another occasion, the Biden campaign published a video on social networks in which you can hear President Trump saying, “The coronavirus, this is the new hoax.”

But really, President Trump in his original comments, did not say “this is the new hoax” immediately after saying “coronavirus” as the ad does. The comment on “the hoax” was made several sentences later, but he did so in reference to the media and how they covered his impeachment, not specifically referring to the CCP Virus.


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