Democratic candidate Joe Biden said during the first debate that President Donald Trump did not ask CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping to allow U.S. professionals to enter the country to research the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus. This is a false claim that Biden had used on other occasions, including during a campaign announcement.

Biden’s accusation during the debate was the same one he left reflected in a campaign ad of almost two minutes duration, in which the former vice president makes a false effort to blame and defame President Donald Trump as responsible for the crisis produced by the CCP Virus, arguing that he was too soft to confront China. 

As analyzed by Breibart, Biden claims that he pressured President Trump to send the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to China to investigate the origin of the virus and that Trump did not want to do so. Biden’s words come from a speech in South Carolina on Feb. 25, when he said that if he were president, “I would be on the phone with China and making it clear, we are going to need to be in your country. We have to know what’s going on.”

This statement was another of the big lies of the Biden campaign. In fact, as the Washington Post pointed out, U.S. officials have been in China since Feb. 22 trying to negotiate with the CCP to be able to intervene in the investigation of the origin of the virus.

According to statements in The New York Times in early February, the CDC had offered to send teams of experts to China to observe the outbreak of the CCP Virus and assist in the investigation. However, the Party did not accept the offer and no invitation arrived. No one explained why publicly.

In mid-April, the CCP again rejected a request from the U.S. government to allow the CDC to enter the country to assist and testify in the investigation of the origins of the CCP Virus. 

As Fox News reported at the time, the CCP repeatedly rejected calls from U.S. officials for international inspectors to have access to the laboratories to ensure that dangerous coronavirus-like pathogens are not accidentally released.

“There are multiple labs inside of China that are handling these things,” Pompeo said April 22 at the State Department. “It’s important that those materials are being handled in a safe and secure way such that there isn’t accidental release.”

“We have to make sure that the Chinese Government [CCP] is handling those materials in an appropriate way not only in the Wuhan Institute of Virology but elsewhere,” he said.

According to the Fox News article, many officials believe that the CCP deliberately covered up the virus and that the World Health Organization (WHO) acted as a direct accomplice. President Trump targeted the WHO for its role in the crisis and confirmed in April the suspension of all funding for the group.

To actually accuse President Trump of not being tough enough on the Chinese Communist Party is a childish and to ridiculous attitude. From the beginning of the pandemic, the Trump administration was the government that worked very hard to contain the virus and the first to accuse the CCP of being primarily responsible for the spread of the virus throughout the world. 

So great was the confrontation with the CCP that today the United States is at the head of a real commercial war with the CCP, which is being joined by important countries that are accepting President Trump’s measures.

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