Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has outlined some ideas for Day One if he is elected, in which the first priority he mentioned is to repeal President Trump’s tax overhaul bill, Fox News reported.

“We need big and bold ideas and folks on Day One. On Day One, I will move to eliminate Trump’s tax cuts,” Biden said in a speech at the South Carolina Democratic Convention on Saturday, June 22.

He said he would close the $400 billion-$500 billion in tax loopholes that have no social redeeming value and put that money to good use, health care.

The 2020 hopeful promised to save and build upon “Obamacare,” or Affordable Care Act, that the Trump administration claimed is charging premiums and deductibles so high and is not working.

Among other things, Biden said the tax break would be put toward green energy research and development, college tuition grants, and public-option health insurance plan.

He said his administration would provide an $8,000 tax cut tax credit for every single person who has a child in child care. He also promised to triple Title I funding for schools with high numbers of low-income students, allocate $15 billion-$45 billion to expand universal pre-K, fully fund special education, raise teachers’ pay, and reduce the student debt.

Mentioning the controversial issue of climate change, Biden said he wanted to restore the fuel economy that he did as vice president under the Obama administration, proposing doubling offshore wind energy by 2030, providing $400 billion in the next 10 years for clean energy research and innovation.

Biden announced his policy proposals for Day One as he was leading in the polls in a field of more than 20 Democratic contenders.

More and more Americans have become doubtful about the polls made by the news media, which President Trump frequently criticized as fake news agencies.

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