A 2004 video clip, that emerged on social media on Tuesday, May 26, showed the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) strongly objected to the use of paper ballots during a Capitol Hill hearing. 

“I, just as a very experienced practical politician from New York feel constrained to observe that in my experience in New York, paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud,” Nadler said at the hearing in which a participant of the general public talked in support of paper ballots.

“And at least with the old clunky voting machines that we have in New York, deliberate fraud is way down compared to paper. When the machines break down, they vote on paper. We’ve had real problems,” he added. “There’s gotta be a way of getting the best of our methodologies.”

The participant argued that research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed hand-counted paper ballots to be “among the most reliable” voting methods.

“At least if there’s a miscount you can discover it,” the woman said. “You can’t discover miscounts with these machines.”

“I want a paper trail, I want paper somewhere,” Nadler responded. “But pure paper with no machines? I can show you experience, which would make your head spin.”

However, citing concerns caused by the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic, Democrats led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) have been fiercely pushing vote-by-mail option for the November general election. 

“[T]here’s no scientific study that says one party or the other benefits from it,” she told MSNBC Tuesday. “But this is now a health issue. We talk about saving the lives, testing, the livelihood, the economy, and the life of our democracy, vote by mail. Now people have to choose between their health and their vote. That shouldn’t be the case. We should always be removing obstacles of participation to the vote. That is the sacred right of our democracy, to vote.

Earlier this month, Nadler joined Pelosi to promote the mail-in ballot plan, accusing the president of opposing the idea because he was worried that voters “won’t vote for you.”

President Trump insisted that mail-in voting would produce a “rigged system” of voting in the United States.

“People take them where they force people to vote,” he said during a press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “They harvest. … They take many, many ballots, and they put them all together, and then they just dump them, and nobody has any idea whether they’re crooked or not.”

The president expressed his support for the current voting system that requires Americans to present themselves at a polling station to vote.

“Voting is a great honor. And people love to go out and vote, and I want to keep it that way,” President Trump said. “And if we don’t keep it that way, we’ll have nothing but a rigged system in this country, and we can’t do that.”

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