The thousands of pieces of evidence that the FBI has gathered since 2015 about the possible corruption of the Democratic candidate for the presidency, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, have been silenced by mainstream media, causing concern among Americans. 

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, “It’s so hypocritical, and I think the public is saying that this is scary, that it’s a step toward socialism,” on “America’s Newsroom,” according to Fox News on Oct. 29. 

A new wave of evidence, confirmed by several sources, flowed in from Oct. 14 when the New York Post published some of it showing that Joe Biden, as a former vice president, earned millions in revenue from foreign companies.

Apparently, Hunter Biden was in charge of formalizing the business and handed over 50 percent of the money he obtained to his father, whom they called by code name “big guy.”

In particular, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) paid millions of dollars for access to insider information about the country. 

“I think the American people are concerned about ‘Biden Inc.,’ about the family that could benefit from Joe Biden’s vice presidency, him negotiating deals to enrich the family, we have to find out,” McDaniel said.

One of the most reliable testimonies was given by Tony Bobulinski, a former partner of Hunter Biden and retired U.S. Navy lieutenant, in an interview with Tucker Carlson published on Oct. 27. 

Exactly 12 hours after the interview began, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and the Washington Post stopped reporting on these events. 

“It’s pretty much a 100% blackout of the Bobulinski story in the mainstream media. Of course, there are many stories that should be covered in the busy news agenda of 2020, but the total omission of Bobulinski’s allegations is curious, to say the least,” said Jeffrey McCall, DePauw University professor and media critic.

McDaniel also established the inconsistency of this deliberate media silence, and her full willingness to disseminate anonymous versions that tend to hurt President Donald Trump. 

“We are losing a free and fair press, and why don’t they share these details about a presidential candidate and then absolutely attack another candidate with anonymous sources,” McDaniel questioned.

“It’s a total discrepancy, it’s hypocrisy, and we are concerned about the state of our media in this country right now and it’s resonating with the voters,” she added.

In this case, McDaniel was referring to the book “A Warning,” by an anonymous author who was posing as an infiltrator critical of the Trump administration, and which was widely publicized by the press. 

The media has been against President Trump ever since it became clear that he could win the presidency in 2016, so much so that he even called it “Fake News.”

President Trump mentioned that instead of freedom of the press there was suppression of the press, and that this was now more evident than ever. 

The user ‘RedPillMaC’ attached a video with President Trump’s comment. 

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