Israel has achieved a “Revolution in War” with a new “invisible” weapon in its defense arsenal.

The new weapon is part of the Scorpius electromagnetic warfare suite, which is reportedly capable of thwarting an enemy’s electronic capabilities.

This weapon may harm airplanes, drones, and missiles despite its “soft-protected” status. This is because all of them rely on electromagnetic energy to function.

According to Gideon Fustick, marketing director of Israeli defense contractor Israel Aerospace Industries, the purpose of the Scorpius missile is to impair the enemy’s electronic sensors, navigation, radar, or other electronic operations by delivering focused energy beams in a confined range.

Fustick added that the new Scorpius weapons offer an advantage over prior forms of electromagnetic warfare. They only transmit beams to a specific target rather than jamming unexpected objects.

“It’s an offensive weapon that doesn’t send out missiles. It’s not a hard-kill system,” Fustick stated. “And yet, it’s very effective in engaging and disabling enemy systems.”

Fustick claimed that modern warfare would increasingly center on the electromagnetic field.

“It’s the first system that can really detect anything in the sky and address multiple targets in different directions and different frequencies simultaneously,” Fustick said according to the New York Post.

Management of the electromagnetic field will remain an element of modern warfare, as long as both sides employ the electronic realm for operations.

The global electronic warfare industry is predicted to increase from $15.57 million in 2020 to $20.82 million by 2027.

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