The U.S. military sent 100 troops and six Bradley war vehicles to increase protection in the Syrian region due to the resurgence of the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS, Fox News reported.

While the ISIS was territorially defeated during the first year of Trump’s presidency, remnants of the terrorist group remain active and some 100 attacks in Iraq in August 2020 alone have been attributed to them, a 25% increase since July.

The increase in attacks indicates a worrying trend that ISIS is constantly re-emerging—through a set of passive cells—which is of concern both regionally and globally.

The United States operates in Syria’s northeast region with the Kurdish-majority Syrian Democratic Forces that are attempting to completely eliminate ISIS in the country. The last time the U.S. military sent Bradley war vehicles into Syria was in October 2019. Air patrols will also be increased with American fighter planes and drones flying overhead with precise firing capabilities, as well as ground-based Sentinel radar. 


There were several nonfatal incidents in northeast Syria between U.S. troops and Russian-backed Syrian military groups, as well as between Russian and American patrols. On some occasions, during routine patrolling activities, Syrian troops prevented the passage of U.S. forces to various locations in the region. In East Syria, the U.S. Army was attacked in mid-August without serious injuries.

On Aug. 27, several U.S. military personnel were injured in an altercation with a Russian military patrol. According to the official version by the U.S. Army, Russian vehicles intentionally collided with the Americans. Then several Russian menacing helicopters flew over the place.

Capt. Bill Urban, spokesman for U.S. Central Command, in a statement to Fox News said, “The United States does not seek conflict with any other nation in Syria but will defend coalition forces if necessary.”

The recent troop reductions in Afghanistan and Iraq, coupled with the three historic peace treaties between Muslim-majority nations and Israel, are strong evidence of President Trump’s commitment to ending armed conflict around the world.