An investigation by The Gateway Pundit (TGP) revealed relevant data about Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling, an admitted anti-Trumper. Sterling has a personal company dedicated to providing services to the government, which may have received millions in federal funds to guarantee safe elections.

Amid the undeniable scandal of electoral fraud in the state of Georgia, after a video emerged on Dec. 3 showing several employees taking out hidden bags of votes for counting after sending the Republican poll watchers home. 

It raises serious doubts about Sterling as the head of Georgia’s voting systems’ integrity and his intentions.

Sterling tweeted: “The 90-second video of election workers at State Farm arena, purporting to show fraud, was watched in its entirety by @GaSecofState investigators. Shows normal ballot processing.”

Lin Wood, the attorney for We the People, who along with Sidney Powell are conducting several lawsuits primarily against the Dominion voting system, accused of switching votes from Trump to Biden in several states, said in a tweet about Sterling:

In his tweet, Wood attaches the letter sent by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission requesting more than $10 million for election preparations. At the end of the letter, the secretary indicates that the contact person is Gabriel Sterling, leaving a Gmail address if there are any questions.

What the attorney points out is that Sterling—the ‘voting system implementation manager’ for the entire state—has a personal business that could have received some of those funds to manage the integrity of the election, which creates a serious conflict of interest when it comes to revealing election fraud.

According to Sterling company websites: “Sterling Innovations has been in business for 14 years providing Government Business Solutions to companies ranging from very small to the largest Prime Contractors. Services include all Government-related business practices ranging from the development of an RFP to the most complex contracts’ closeout. Accounting, Purchasing, Proposal Development, Earned Value Mgmt, Policies, and Procedures, Staff Training, Government Regulations (FAR and the various supplements), etc.”

Second, if Sterling is an employee of the Georgia Secretary of State, why doesn’t he have an official email account? By using a Gmail account, he avoids being audited; the TGP investigation points out.

As shown in Wood’s letter, Georgia already has an election director, who should be doing the work of “implementing the voting system” in the state, leading to another serious question: Why does the state pay two people to do the same job?

TGP found two Facebook posts from 2016, where Sterling is claiming to be anti-Trump:

Gabriel Sterling’s Facebook posting of Feb. 26, 2016 (Facebook/Gabriel Sterling)

“Tomorrow is an important day here in Georgia. I remind you again, no matter who your candidate is, to stop Trump, you must vote for Marco Rubio. He is the closest to Trump in the polls here. This must be to stop Trump. 29/02/2016

Gabriel Sterling’s Facebook posting of April 4, 2016 (Facebook/Gabriel Sterling)

“Right now, Trump is losing women to Hillary by 23 points. There is no way that that deficit can be recovered. Trump can’t win, so he shouldn’t be the GOP nominee. #NeverTrump” 04/04/2016

The question is—where is Mr. Chris Harvey, Georgia’s election director—when all of these fraud allegations are being exposed?

Why is it Sterling, an admitted anti-Trumper, who comes out to deny all of these substantial fraud allegations?

As it is possible that his company was involved in implementing the elections’ security, can he play a neutral role and admit a manipulation? Or worse, perhaps he oversaw the election fraud?

Otherwise, how do you justify his open denial of this severe evidence of fraud?

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