A Democrat, who is responsible for signing bills passed by the New York state Legislature, shifted blame for his controversial decision to order aged care facilities to let residents enter even if they have the deadly Asian disease.

Andrew Cuomo is facing serious questions after advising the Empire State’s Department of Health and nursing home administrators, directors, and hospital discharge planners that under no circumstances should elderly residents be refused entry, even if they are suspected of carrying the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus from March 25.

“No resident shall be denied readmission or admission to the nursing home solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19 [CCP Virus],” the document, which has since been removed, said according to Wayback Machine.

The data through to June 21 from the department shows at least 3,529 nursing home residents were confirmed dead from the CCP Virus, and a further 2,718 are presumed to have died from the same disease. Many of these cases are believed to have been caused by the governor’s decision to allow infected residents back into their facilities.

Cuomo did not accept responsibility for worsening the pandemic and blamed the Trump administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) instead for not immediately banning incoming flights from the European Union and allowing 3 million passengers through the border.

“Yes, we had more people die in nursing homes than anywhere else because we had more people die, because the federal government missed the boat and never told us that this virus was coming from Europe, and not from China,” he told MSNBC News. “Before they did the European travel ban 3 million people came from Europe and brought the virus to New York, and the federal government did not know and the federal government, and the CDC and all of them failed to handle this pandemic and warn this nation.”

He also alleged the deaths were high because symptoms of the virus are the most severe in the elderly.

“New York had more cases, more deaths and more deaths in nursing homes because that is who the virus affects,” he said. “It affects senior citizens, we know that. You look at any state and they had a tremendous number of deaths in nursing homes.”

However, the governor appeared to be confused since he also revealed efforts to contain the CCP Virus in New York counties and cities were all directly under state control.

“The state controls the phasing all across the state,” he said. “The cities are not in control, the counties are not in control … the cities are in charge of compliance with social distancing, etc.”

He also suggested he would be open to intervening in enforcing social distancing rules at a local government level.

“The local governments have to do their job, if the local governments do not do their job and the compliance is lax you will see it in the numbers from day to day,” he said. “If we do see that the state would step in and take action again because it is all under state control.”

The Oval Office explained the high number of infections was simply the result of completing the world’s highest number of CCP Virus tests.

“Our coronavirus testing is so much greater (25 million tests) and so much more advanced that it makes us look like we have more cases, especially proportionally, than other countries,” President Donald Trump said on Twitter. “My message on that is very clear.”

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