During an interview with CNN presenter Wolf Blitzer, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe evaded his involvement in the FBI abuses detailed in the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report.

In an interview broadcast Tuesday, Dec. 17, Blitzer recalled that former FBI Director James Comey had explained that the false information provided by former British agent Christopher Steele to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) was due to “sloppiness.”

“Jim Comey said it was sloppiness. This wasn’t just sloppiness. These were brutal mistakes, deliberate errors, concealments involving surveillance activities of an American citizen,” Blitzer said in connection with the accusations against Trump’s former campaign adviser, Carter Page.

On Tuesday, Judge Rosemary Collyer, who presides over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, accused the FBI of providing “false information” in requests to conduct surveillance against Page.

Collyer mentioned the report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz where it is specified that the FBI did not provide the FISC with exculpatory (evidence proving free from blame) information against Trump’s former campaign adviser, as well as derogatory information about Steele’s dossier.

McCabe was responsible for signing four of the applications submitted to the FISC, so his involvement in the investigation against President Trump was critical.

In the CNN interview, McCabe told Blitzer that he was “shocked and horrified” by the details revealed in the Justice Department inspector general’s report.

McCabe said to Blitzer,”I certainly believed that the procedures we had in place were enough to guarantee that accurate information was going to the court and horrified because it cuts against one of our most fundamental duties and that is to be perfectly accurate and truthful and complete with the court at all times.”

However, during the interview McCabe omitted his responsibility by pointing out that the biggest failure on the part of the FBI’s top officials was to have allowed lower-level agents to have control of much of the investigation.

“The biggest mistake, I think, is the process that was in place essentially left so much responsibility on the lowest level of FBI agents and supervisors involved in a process that once those mistakes are baked in they become very, very hard for the many, many layers of oversight to uncover,” McCabe told Blitzer.

According to the Daily Caller, McCabe’s remarks Tuesday are a stark shift from his comments last week after the report was released since he asserted that the report vindicated him and other FBI officials, such as Comey and former FBI general counsel James Baker.

In an interview with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Dec. 10, the former FBI deputy director said: “I knew that we had not ever done anything wrong, so to see the IG embrace the unavoidable facts of no bias in the investigation, an investigation that was adequately predicated for an authorized purpose, and in fact one that we thought we would be guilty of dereliction of duty had we not begun it, it is satisfying to finally see those words in print.”

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