Democratic Party members were so angry and scared of the president they orchestrated an impeachment under false pretenses, a political commentator has said.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump had nothing to do with upholding the U.S. Constitution, according to Fox News “The Next Revolution” television program host Steve Hilton.

“It was not about abuse of power,” he said in an opinion story published by Fox News. “It was about the Democrats and the fact that they hate President Trump, are furious he won in 2016, and fear he will win again this year.”

Although House Democrats approved two articles of impeachment against the president, their efforts in the Senate trial proved futile with a slim majority of senators deciding not to call further witnesses and evidence.

Hilton believes Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden should answer allegations of corruption and be held partly responsible for the “massive injustice” the president and his supporters have suffered.

“As impeachment comes to an end, let the investigation of Biden begin,” he said. “How much U.S. taxpayer money went to Ukrainian gas company Burisma while your son Hunter was on the board of directors, and you sent billions of dollars to Ukraine’s energy industry? You said you did not know about your son’s ties to Burisma but last year he said he told you so who is lying, you or your son?”

Hilton believes son Hunter Biden should also be asked to explain his role at Burisma, when he joined the company, and other business experiences in Ukraine.

“Did you hire former John Kerry aide, David Leiter, as Burisma’s Washington lobbyist?” Hilton said. “When you were wandering around a crack den in Los Angeles in late 2016 while on the Burisma board, was that on behalf of Burisma?”

He also supports the president’s request for the anonymous whistleblower to be called to testify about his contact with House Impeachment Manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and his staff.

“Talking of corruption, let us call the whistleblower who started this all,” Hilton said. “How many times have you met Joe Biden? Would you describe yourself as nonpartisan? Why did you hire a lawyer who said right after President Trump’s inauguration that a coup had started against him?” 

Hilton would also like to know why Democrats believe it is fine to “solicit foreign dirt” on Republicans but not vice versa.

“Why does every allegation against Donald Trump get endlessly investigated while Joe Biden’s corruption, John Kerry’s corruption, Ed Markey’s corruption, Jeanne Shaheen’s corruption, Richard Blumenthal’s corruption–all of that outrageous and obvious Democratic corruption in the Ukraine cash for gas scandal–is completely ignored?” he said. “You know why because the swamp looks after its own.”

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