There is one man who knows all about impeachment. Ken Starr was the independent counsel who led the investigation into President Bill Clinton in 1998. He is now one of President Trump’s defense lawyers, and on Monday, Jan. 27, delivered his remarks to the House, claiming the articles of impeachment handed over by House Democrats were “dripping with process violations.”

“But then again, the House members took no oath to be impartial,” Starr said. “The Constitution didn’t require them to say by oath or affirmation like an impartial justice. They were oathless. They could toss out their own rule book. Raw power.”

The age of impeachment has arrived and with no justification, Starr lamented. It divides the country “like nothing else,” he said.

“Like war, impeachment is hell. Or at least, presidential impeachment is hell,” said Starr. “House Democrats chose to conduct an unprecedented process in this case, and they were warned at every turn, don’t do it, don’t do it that way.”

Impeachment has become a weapon said Starr.

“The president is being denied the basic rights that have been afforded to every single accused president in the history of the republic, even to the racist Andrew Johnson, seeking to undo Mr. Lincoln’s great legacy. He got those rights, but not here,” Starr continued.

“Due Process could have been honored. Basic rights could have been honored. The House rules, the House’s traditions could have been honored, but what is done is done. These two articles come before this court, this high court of impeachment, dripping with fundamental process violations.”

“The very first order of our government after to form a more perfect union is to establish justice, to establish justice, even before getting to the words to provide for the common defense, to promote the general welfare, to ensure domestic tranquility, the Constitution works to establish justice,” he said.

“Courts would not allow this. They would not allow this because why?” Starr added. “They knew and they know that the purpose of our founding instrument is to protect our liberties. To safeguard us, but to safeguard us as individuals against the powers of government … to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. Liberty under law.”

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