An Illinois Democratic senator resigned on Wednesday, Nov. 27, after FBI agents raided his Chicago home in September amid an investigation for fraud and bribery, the Chicago Tribune reported.

State Sen. Martin Sandoval said his resignation would take effect Jan. 1, according to his letter to the Senate secretary.

“It is with a heavy heart, I, Martin A. Sandoval, do hereby resign the office of state senator,” he wrote.

Sandoval has represented District 11 since 2003. He had previously resigned his chairmanship of the Senate Transportation Committee.

On Sept. 24, FBI agents raided Sandoval’s offices looking for information on concrete and construction businesses, as well as data related to the bribery or theft of federal funds.

Officials were also looking for information about an electric company, lobbyists, gambling interests, a red-light camera company, and at least three suburban mayors.

During these raids at Sandoval’s state office and residence, federal agents found information about people inside Springfield and monetary interests, including video game tycoon Rick Heidner, road-paving magnate Michael Vondra and the state’s largest public utilities, Commonwealth Edison and its corporate parent, Exelon, according to WBEZ Chicago.

Halfway through this year, Sandoval also made news for disrespecting President Donald Trump by simulating a murder using a President’s doll wearing Mexican attire. Sandoval pointed a fake gun at the doll to pose in a photo that circulated on social networks.