Millions of illegal aliens will earn part of the $4.38 billion under the Democrats’ pork-filled CCP Virus relief bill, despite the fact that the United States is still in a recession and countless Americans are unemployed.

Steven Camarota is the independent think tank’s director of research for Center for Immigration Studies.

He denied the left-wing claim that illegal aliens will not receive stimulus checks because they lack Social Security numbers.

In a seven-page report released on Monday, March 22, Camarota estimated that 2.65 million illegal aliens have Social Security numbers so they can receive stimulus checks. “We estimate that 2.1 million of these individuals have incomes low enough to qualify for checks, and they have 1.1 million U.S.-born dependent children.”

As a result, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 will provide illegal aliens with $4.38 billion in cash payments.

According to Camarota, illegal aliens will get $2.85 billion in cash and $1.53 billion for their children.

As a result of misguided left-wing programs, he shot off a long list of illegal alien groups that have Social Security numbers , including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, former guest workers who continue to use invalid, expired Social Security numbers, and those who have stolen Social Security numbers.

Camarota went on to say that the decision to develop programs and provide work authorization and Social Security numbers to millions of people who are in the country illegally has implications, not the least of which is that billions of dollars from public coffers will be funneled to illegal aliens.

Under the ironically titled “American Rescue Plan Act of 2021”, the $4.38 billion in stimulus checks being distributed to illegal aliens does not include the $320 million in annual aid that the United States gives to Mexico or the hundreds of millions of dollars in annual aid provided to countless other countries to help them improve their economies so that their citizens will not feel the need to flee.

During the pandemic, that’s a lot of money going out the window at a time when the United States is in financial trouble and its borders are being flooded with unvetted foreign nationals.

Former President Donald Trump attempted to cut foreign aid to 100 countries in 2019, citing the need to put America first and solve its own problems before helping others.

The Democrats and the legacy media, predictably, attacked him as a “racist xenophobe.”

The United States is now being bombarded on a daily basis by caravans of illegal aliens as a result of the Biden administration’s irresponsible immigration policies, with no end in sight.

Although it is commendable for rich countries to assist their less fortunate neighbors around the world, this should never come at the cost of ignoring issues that exist within their own borders.

While laughing off its internal disintegration, the United States has reached a tipping point where it can no longer afford to give away billions of dollars every year.

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