President Donald Trump said that he has had to strongly defend the country’s management to get a handle on the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus and develop the vaccine.

President Trump said he had to overcome the unfair attacks the Democrats promoted with the research on the false collusion with Russia, among others, and that if he did not defend himself he would not have obtained the medical resources for the treatment of the CCP Virus, including the development of the vaccine, according to the interview published by Fox News on Aug. 23.

“I wouldn’t have gotten [done] all of these things, I can give you a list it’s four pages long right to try all of the medical things we’ve done even the vaccines we’re almost going to have a vaccine somebody else would have taken years to get it if I had a different attitude that list would be one-tenth as long as it is interesting nobody has done what we’ve done so you think,” President Trump told “The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton.

Hilton asked Trump if he would change his attitude by winning re-election as president, and the response reflected that he would like to be more relaxed.

“If you’re re-elected, you’ve got nothing to prove. You’ve done it again. [Should] we expect to see a different style from you? ” he asked.

“First of all, I understand that 100%, but I haven’t been treated fairly,” Trump responded. “I have to fight back.”

“If I don’t fight back strong, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now talking to you. So it’s not like …,” he trailed off, before adding, “Gee I’d like it to be calm too.”

Otherwise, the list would be one-tenth; no one has done what we have done, so think about it,” President Trump told “The Next Revolution” host Steve Hilton.

One of the drawbacks President Trump has had to face is the persistent questioning from the press. The press has harassed him since the beginning of his term to the extent that the president talked about the “Fake News.”

The trend of media misinformation is so strong that the vast majority of Americans are suspicious of them.

The results of a survey revealed that 86% of participants said that the media, instead of reporting the facts with neutrality, was dedicated to politically influencing readers; the survey was conducted by the Knight Foundation and Gallup Inc. and was published on Aug. 4.

“Most Americans have lost confidence in the media to report the news objectively,” observed Sam Gill, Knight Foundation senior vice president, and program director. He added, “This is corrosive to our democracy.”