Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) on Monday, Jan. 25, called for an ethics investigation into the Democratic senators who denounced him for being one of the few who objected to the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, Fox News reported.

Hawley sent a letter to the Senate Ethics Committee complaining about how seven Democratic senators asked for his resignation for using a legal provision to reject election results that the same Democrats have used every time a Republican won a presidential election.

“Democrats have repeatedly invoked this provision. Indeed, in every presidential election since 2000 that a Republican has won, Democrats have sought to object to electoral votes on that ground, regardless of whether any good-faith basis existed for such objections.” Hawley wrote.

The Missouri senator filed an objection against the Pennsylvania state results arguing that elections there were conducted in violation of state law and that he did so at the behest of his constituents.

Seven Democratic senators denounced Hawley and Sen. (R-Texas) of having “incited” the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol.

However, Hawley said that the complaint has no legal basis and neither do they accuse him of his objection to the electoral results of Pennsylvania.

In fact, according to Hawley, what the Democrats did counts as defamation.

“Most astonishingly, the Democrats who filed the complaint against me insinuate—without any evidence whatsoever—that I or my staff may have conspired with the criminals who stormed the Capitol,” Hawley said. “In most jurisdictions, such statements would constitute defamation per se, and if offered during debate they would constitute a clear violation of Senate Rule XIX.2.”

As a result of the Capitol Hill incidents, with concrete evidence that they were initiated and incited by members of antifa, Democrats with the help of the mainstream media initiated a wave of “cancellation” against all Trump supporters (a mere 75 million strong, not counting their families members) and those members of Congress who dared to give voice to Trump’s claims.

Unlike many senators and representatives who turned their backs on Trump, Hawley has remained loyal to his convictions. 

He also published an op-ed on Jan. 25 in one of the country’s most widely distributed newspapers, the New York Post, where he urged Americans to stand up to the cancel culture, in other words, the political persecution of the radical left.

“We need to stand up for the basic principles that join all Americans together—the right to speak freely, to debate openly, and to address our differences graciously without fear of being silenced or punished for dissenting views,” Hawley wrote.

Hawley showed his determination in calling out injustices and sent a letter directly to those Democrats who asked for his resignation.

“I will not be intimidated by your efforts to silence me, the people of my state will not be intimidated by you, and you should be ashamed to have so grossly abused your office and the Senate,” he wrote.

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