The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is at grave risk because of Delaware computer technician John Paul Mac Isaac’s information.

Mac Isaac said a customer brought a water-damaged MacBook Pro in for repair. It bore a sticker from the Beau Biden Foundation, named after Hunter’s late brother and former Delaware attorney general. The customer never came back.

In an interview published by Daily Beast on Oct. 14, the technician said he feared for his life when he saw the hard drive’s contents. He made a copy of the hard drive as a guarantee for his safety.

He gave it to the attorney for former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Robert Costello.

Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump, told The Post about the existence of the hard drive in late September, and Giuliani provided The Post with a copy of it on Sunday.

The compromising data Mac Isaac found on the hard drive was first revealed by the New York Post.

The FBI issued a federal subpoena and seized the computer and hard drive in December of last year at the request of Mac Isaac.

“They (the FBI) probably knew I had a copy because it was very clear that they didn’t want me to be killed,” said Mac Isaac, according to the Daily Beast. “When you’re scared, and you don’t know anything about the depth of the waters you’re in, you want to find a lifeline,” he added.

The hard drive appears to contain emails sent between Hunter Biden and executives from the Ukrainian company Burisma, which paid Hunter a monthly salary of $50,000.

In the emails, Hunter Biden asked his father to eliminate the corruption investigations that the Ukrainian company was facing in court.

It later emerged that Joe Biden had the Ukrainian prosecutor in charge of the investigation fired.

President Donald Trump released a video summarizing the summarized versions of those controversial Biden deals, which were labeled corrupt. “This is the real and only story,” was the short comment on Trump’s tweet.

In addition to the stir caused by the unusual discovery, Facebook and Twitter’s extensive social networks went ahead and censored the circulation of the news, significantly reducing its impact.

Those networks perpetrated electoral interference due to the arbitrary protection they gave to the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. 

“This was massive censorship on a scale that the United States has never experienced in 245 years, and it is a threat to all of us,” noted journalist Tucker Carlson on Fox News. 

He added, “Democracies only work when there is a free exchange of information among citizens. We don’t have that anymore.”

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