Kayleigh McEnany, White House press secretary, held a brief press conference on Friday, Nov. 20, to discuss the advancement of the availability of the CCP Virus vaccine to Americans, and in the face of the usual hostility from reporters who tried to deflect the issue with their unrelated questions, McEnany did not hesitate to call them activists at the end of the conference.

After briefly reviewing all the steps the Trump administration has taken since the beginning of the CCP Virus pandemic, including the funding provided to Pfizer and Moderna for the creation of the vaccine, which they recently announced is ready for distribution, McEnany took questions from reporters.

Questions from reporters from these legacy media outlets such as CNN, hovered around the topic of when the president would accept that he lost, when will he begin working with Biden’s transition team, or if there are orders not to work with them, and whether this could affect the distribution of the CCP Virus vaccine.

McEnany dismissed rumors that the Trump administration has orders not to talk to Biden’s team. “We at the White House are aggressively working on COVID [the CCP Virus], winding down the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, among other issues,” McEnany said, assuring that there is a vaccine distribution plan that is publicly available.

Legacy media, which includes many media outlets considered conservative, announced the election result and has actually called Biden “president-elect” in its articles. The election has not yet been declared and Biden is not the American-elected president, in fact, so far President Trump has more Electoral College votes than Biden officially.

When questions were asked that were too biased toward the supposed “transition,” McEnany reminded reporters how unfair the transition was that President Trump received from the Democrats.

“It’s worth remembering that this president was never given an orderly transition of power. His presidency was never accepted. In fact, before the election—his election, we know Crossfire Hurricane was launched by Peter Strzok to pursue baseless allegations about the president’s ties with Russia. That’s before he was president, trying to subvert the will of the American people,” McEnany said.

McEnany reminded reporters that for the president’s inauguration ceremony, 70 congressmen said they would not attend and even Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) threatened to try to obstruct Trump’s transition by asking the Government Accountability Office to investigate him.

“While, in 2016, President Trump became the duly elected president, many sought to undermine him, discredit him, delegitimize him, and deny his victory. There were no calls for unity; there were no calls for healing,” McEnany exclaimed.

McEnany ended the conference by asking everyone to remember that President Trump endured four years of harassment during his presidency and that there was not even a transition.

This is really not the first time reporters have shown their lack of professionalism and have made it their goal, instead of reporting, to try to humiliate the president and his officials.

During President Trump’s first press conference, the infamous CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who starred in the incident where he elbowed a White House intern when she tried to take the microphone from him, disrespectfully told the president as he left the room without taking questions, “Are you being a sore loser?”

McEnany ended the press conference and reporters yelled at her why she was not taking any more questions, to which she responded, “I don’t call on activists.”

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