Hundreds of pro-Trump Latinos took to the streets of Miami to demand transparency in the election.

Hundreds of Cuban, Venezuelan, and Israeli Americans took to the streets of Miami on Thursday, Nov. 5 to demand transparency in the elections given the growing reports and evidence of fraud by Democrats, Breitbart reported.

Amid President Trump’s legal battle to obtain transparency in the presidential elections, Americans have not stood idly by and many have taken to the streets to demand that votes be counted with transparency.

Florida is a state characterized by a large Latino population, mainly Cubans who fled or continue to come from Cuba because of the hard life they lead under the communist dictatorship. President Trump won the state by a considerably wide margin.

They, now along with Venezuelans who also fell under a socialist regime, have realized the danger that the United States faces if the Democratic Party takes power by stealing the elections.

Several videos of hundreds of Cubans, Venezuelans, and Israelis came to Miami’s Calle Ocho to listen to President Trump’s press conference, which was censored by the mainstream media, appeared.

“The Democrats are trying to steal this election, overthrow this country, and take down the president. To me it is wrong and as patriots, we have to fight this, because we want to see every ballot,” one participant told Reuters.

“A lot of us—I think everyone here is probably Cuban, even I’m half-Cuban,” another participant said. “We know what happens when you get kicked out of your country and communism starts to creep on it. They’ll take what they want, whenever they want.”

President Trump announced at his press conference last Thursday that his administration has initiated several lawsuits against key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and others where the president was winning the election by a wide margin at the close of voting and suddenly in the early hours of the Wednesday morning, hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots arrived for Biden alone, who went on to lead.

In addition to this, several irregularities were reported, like the expulsion of Republican poll watchers from the vote count, a ‘glitch’ in the software that counts the ballots and changed at least 6,000 votes that were Republican to Democrat in a Michigan county, in Arizona the votes filled in with Sharpie pens were not counted by the machine in spite of the fact that it was the electoral authorities that distributed them, and the 21,000 ballots of dead people in Pennsylvania, among many others.

But the biggest challenge is the thousand of hundred  mail-in ballots that were illegally added in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin when the time to receive them had expired and the president’s legal team is focusing on this point, since once these illegal ballots are removed, the actual result of legal votes will be known.

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