Asked to comment about President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on CNN’s “New Day” Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said it “political, divisive, calculating and even nasty.”

Schumer was asked to say something nice about Trump’s speech, which he said that “there’s very little nice to say about it.”

“The president was political, divisive, calculating, even nasty at times,” Schumer told host John Berman. “You know, you can’t talk about comity and working together and give a speech that’s so divisive. That just doesn’t fly.”

Schumer went on to say that Tuesday’s State of the Union was “more of the same” from the president.

“His first two years of the administration were not that at all. He loved divisiveness, he loved hot-button issues that inflamed his base but divided America. The speech was more of the same,” he explained.

He continued, “The most enthusiastic parts, the parts that seemed to have the most weight, were the divisive parts. He’s got to change to make America better. He’s got to change to work with us in a bipartisan way. Look, we just had the shutdown. The president is correctly blamed for the shutdown. He wanted it. And he didn’t seem to back off in any way, didn’t mention the word ‘shutdown,’ but he’s sticking to the wall and the American people know that the wall is a bad idea. And if he insists on it, I think our Republican friends in the Congress will realize how bad the first shutdown was and try to overrule him.”

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted CBS news poll about the approve of speech, which showed the contrast between Democrats and Republicans as well as Independents.

Video: President Donald Trump-The State of the Union-Highlights