The House passed a bill to boost the CCP Virus relief checks from $600 to $2,000 per person in a bipartisan vote on Monday, Dec. 28, following the request from President Donald Trump.

The legislation passed in a 275-134 vote, surpassing the two-thirds majority needed for the approval under the procedures. Though 130 House Republicans voted against the measure, 44 other GOP lawmakers supported it.

The House agreed to increase the payments after President Trump signed the $2.3 trillion CCP Virus aid relief package and government funding bill that includes $600 stimulus checks for most Americans on Sunday night. 

However, the president invoked the “Impoundment Control Act of 1974” that allows changes to the bill, including increasing the payments to $2,000, and he requested that House lawmakers reduce the wasteful items.

“I will sign the Omnibus and Covid package with a strong message that makes clear to Congress that wasteful items need to be removed,” President Trump explained in a statement released on Sunday. “I will send back to Congress a redlined version, item by item, accompanied by the formal rescission request to Congress insisting that those funds be removed from the bill.”

After receiving the legislation late on Christmas Eve, the president called it “a disgrace” due to the low amount the public would receive. He delayed signing the bill, hoping to get a better deal for Americans.

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