The Democrats’ confident predictions announced a supposed “blue wave” that would sweep through the House in the November elections. None of this happened. On the contrary, in states like California, historically Democratic, voters showing signs of weariness have turned to Republicans who are prepared to switch more seats than any other state. 

In the 2018 midterm elections, voters showed significant change marked by strong support for the Democrats. However, against all odds in the opposition polls, the recent election showed that the Republican Party is on the verge of regaining four of the seats lost in 2018 in the state of California, Fox News reported.

One of the new Republicans to enter the House is Young Kim, who has just recovered one of the historically Republican districts within the state of California. Democrat Gil Cisneros took the seat in the “Blue Wave” of 2018.

Orange County was also reclaimed by the Republicans, with Michelle Steel now taking the House seat.

California’s 21st District, which includes Fresno and Kern counties, is set to be represented again by the Republican Party, after David Valadao was projected to be declared the winner this week.

Republican Mike Garcia declared victory on Nov. 20 in the 25th District. The seat, a former Republican stronghold that covers parts of Los Angeles and Ventura counties, had been transformed into a Democratic seat in the 2018 election after Katie Hill’s victory, who had to resign from office last year due to a nude photo scandal.

It is worth asking what led the voters to provoke these changes in the benches, and the first thing that emerges is the evident rejection by a large part of electorate of progressive proposals that go against the historic democratic values of the United States and yet were adopted by certain sectors within the Democratic Party.

California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said, “California Democrats have to own every single failed policy here in California, whether it’s affordability, homelessness of K-12 education. They have shown every single one of those failures. And I think time and time again, they have shown—particularly Governor Newsom—how out of touch they are with working Californians.”

At the same time, the new Republican representatives in the House, and even in other states, understanding voters’ fears of the advance of leftist policies, are highlighting their conservative intentions, even publicly announcing the creation of a “Republican front” to confront the radical Democratic left wing. 

New York Republican-elected Rep. Nicole Malliotakis told Fox News on Friday that she and the newly elected House intend to form an “anti-socialist squad” to counter the ideas of the radical-left Democrats acting under The Squad.

Malliotakis warned that people are tired of the measures the Democrats are taking by giving free rein to left-wing extremisms.

She also criticized her opponent, Democratic Rep. Max Rose, whom she accused of having joined the Defund the police movement after committing himself to radical leftist movements.

She assured that she has the great challenge of seeking a balance in the face of leftist tendencies that are undermining the freedoms, the economy, and the opportunities of Americans.

Malliotakis stated, “In the House you have Alexandria Cortez and the socialist squad. But she also left a reassuring message, saying, “We now have individuals who come from many different backgrounds, many of whom fled communism or socialism themselves or are like me, the daughter of a Cuban refugee, to be those messengers to say why socialism is bad and to push back and make sure that we fight to preserve our freedoms and reopen our economy, we will maintain the capitalist system that provides jobs and opportunity.” 

It is also worth noting that conservatives are celebrating the increase in pro-life candidates elected to the House. In total, 11 sitting pro-life women have won re-election and 13 new pro-life women were elected to the House, The BL reported.

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