The House gave President Donald Trump a victory on his border wall after passing a $1.4 trillion government spending package on Tuesday, Dec. 17, one day before the chamber will vote on two articles of impeachment against the president.

The two-bill package was unveiled Monday afternoon and adopted less than 24 hours later as lawmakers prepared to wrap up reams of unfinished work against a backdrop of Wednesday’s vote on impeachment, The Associated Press reported.

The House passed the first bill funding domestic programs on a 297-120 vote, and then approved the second legislation funding the military and the Department of Homeland Security on a 280-138 vote.

The package funds $1.4 billion for President Trump’s U.S.-Mexico border wall—equal to last year’s appropriation—while preserving the president’s ability to use his budget powers to tap other accounts for several times that amount. 

Meanwhile, the measure will give Democrats spending increases across a swath of domestic programs.

The legislation also funds a record Pentagon budget and is serving as a must-pass legislative locomotive to tow an unusually large haul of unrelated provisions into law, including an expensive repeal of Obama-era taxes on high-cost health plans, help for retired coal miners, and an increase from 18 to 21 in the nationwide legal age to buy tobacco products.

The spending package now goes to the Senate for approval and is expected to be signed soon by President Trump, which will help avoid a government shutdown this weekend.

“The president is poised to sign it and to keep the government open,” top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Tuesday.

Includes reporting from The Associated Press 

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