A study by the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) revealed that in the 12 major U.S. cities led by Democrats, the homicide rate is soaring exponentially. Nationally, it has reached the highest homicide rate in 26 years.

The LELDF study, published by the Washington Examiner, sees a direct correlation between the Democratic Party’s anti-police rhetoric and how Democratic-led cities have turned that rhetoric into action through police budget cuts, legislation that reduces policing such as stops and arrests, and a sharp reduction in criminal prosecutions, also due in part to leftist prosecutors not doing their jobs properly.

In 2020, nationwide, homicides were up 25 percent, taking us back to the bad old days of 1995, the year before a wave of violent crime and murder that began in the 1970s finally began to come to an end.

“This data confirms that in places where law enforcement saw the most resistance from community leaders and calls for less policing, we saw more homicides,” LELDF President Jason Johnson told the Washington Examiner.

He added: “Progressive prosecutors made it clear that making arrests for drug and weapons crimes that will go unprosecuted only exposes officers to the risk of disciplinary action, lawsuits, and criminal prosecution. So, to mitigate that risk, police took a more passive approach.”

Some of the most striking examples of comparisons in the same period are:

Chicago, a city, run by Democrats: arrests/stops were down 53 percent while murders were up 65 percent in recent years.

New York City, run by Democrats: arrests/stops down 38 percent and murders up 58 percent.

Louisville, led by Democrats: arrests/stops were down 35 percent while murders were up nearly twice as much, 87 percent. 

Minneapolis, run by Democrats: arrests/stops down 42 percent, murders up 64 percent.

Los Angeles, run by Democrats: arrests/stops down 33 percent, murders up 51 percent.

St. Louis, also run by a Democratic administration, is now the “Murder Capitol of America,” the report said. In 2020, the murder rate reached “a 50-year high, with 87 out of every 100,000 residents murdered.” Now, a St. Louis resident is three times more likely to be murdered than in Mexico.

Leftist policies pursued by many Democrats aimed to promote and implement deep cuts in local security systems, forcing police departments to reduce overtime and furlough personnel, just at the time when law enforcement was most needed in the wake of the rampages of Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa during 2020. 

Such is the case in Democrat-led Portland. After the police budget was cut by $12 million and three police units were eliminated, “shootings increased 173 percent and murders increased 255 percent (not a typo),” the report clarifies.

The report’s findings point to the fact that the anti-police hatred that the left seeks to impose, and that the Democrats are responsible for materializing through policy actions and cutbacks, does not solve any of the demands that those on the left who promote equality, social justice, and anti-racism are emblazoned with. 

Instead, the numbers show just the opposite. Wherever alleged police violence is denounced as a strategy to implement more violence, the results of police discrediting and the consequent absence of police are increased crime, insecurity, and murders.