Hillary Clinton claimed on Monday, July 20, that the president’s former adviser Roger Stone threatened him.

Trump’s commutation of Stone’s sentence was “a continuation of the coverup” into the Russian investigation. “It’s clear that Stone threatened him privately and publicly of what he would say if he had to go to prison,” Clinton said during an interview with MSNBC’s ‘The ReidOut.’

“This is a continuation of the coverup, it’s an ongoing coverup that Trump and Stone are two of the major participants in—to try to prevent us from knowing all of the details about what they actually did in 2016.'”

Stone was sentenced in February to more than three years in prison after being convicted in November 2019 of obstruction, witness tampering, and making false statements to Congress concerning FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s now-debunked Russia investigation. He has appealed his conviction and denied any wrongdoing.

President Trump commuted Stone’s sentence on July 10, days before he was to report for detention.

Clinton said President Trump commuted Stone’s sentence “to basically shut up Roger Stone so that Roger Stone would not spill any more beans about what actually happened and what Donald Trump actually knew.”

Clinton went on to claim that Russia was successful in swinging votes. “It’s very clear that Russia succeeded,” she said. “They believe that they were able to influence the minds and even votes of Americans, so why would they stop? They really want to pursue their agenda of dividing us.”

In a recent opinion piece, Stone excoriated the “corrupt” Obama-Clinton administration, accusing them of orchestrating a “sedition plot” against President Trump to move him out of office.

“The operators in the Obama-Clinton Democrat axis of evil are nothing if not masters at projecting their own wrongdoings onto their opponents,” Stone wrote.

“No matter how many red herrings, hoaxes, distractions and defamations the Obama protection cult has managed to churn out over the last four years, the truth is finally becoming crystal clear about who is responsible for sowing all of the chaotic division and acrimony that have acutely plagued our body politic for the last four years,” he added.

Stone, who is now 67 years old and has a history of asthma, is grateful to the president who spared him from serving jail time in the middle of the CCP Virus (coronavirus) pandemic.

“He saved my life, I have no doubt about that,” Stone said. “He didn’t have to do this. This is costing him money. He’s subject to ridicule and abuse every single day.”

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