A Republican from South Carolina predicted a high chance of a terrorist attack in the United States on Aug. 29.

Sen. Lindsey Graham believes the U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan dramatically increases the likelihood of terrorism happening on U.S. soil.

“I have never been more worried about an attack on our homeland than I am right now,” he said according to CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

Graham believes there is an imminent risk of a second September 11-style attack, which killed more than 3,000 New Yorkers back in the year 2001.

“The chance of another 9/11 just went through the roof,” he said according to the broadcaster.

The senator criticized the Biden administration for abandoning Afghans who assisted U.S.-led forces in the Middle Eastern country.

“The parade of horribles are about to unfold,” he said. “We are leaving thousands of Afghan allies behind who fought bravely with us [and] we are going to leave hundreds of American citizens behind.”

The Republican revealed the Islamic State terrorist movement is growing stronger to the point it poses a new major threat.

“The number of Islamic State fighters have doubled,” he said. “We have turned our back on our allies, who is going to help us in the future, and we set the conditions for another 9/11 … we have entered into a new deadly chapter–terrorists are now in charge of Afghanistan.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby previously confirmed Taliban fighters released thousands of Islamic State-K prisoners when they seized the presidential palace.

“Clearly, it is in the thousands when you consider both prisons,” he said in a video shared on Twitter. “Both of them were taken over by the Taliban and emptied but I could not give you a precise figure.”

The senator’s concerns are echoed by other lawmakers like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He demanded that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls a session to stop the military’s departure from Afghanistan until all Americans have been evacuated.

McCarthy also expressed concern about the re-emergence of Islamic State in Afghanistan, and release of 5,000 prisoners who could easily enter through the country’s southern border.

“As you have reported he has opened our border,” he said. “Long before this collapse in Afghanistan, we have been catching people on the terrorist watch list coming across our border from Yemen.”

“We are less than three weeks from the anniversary of 9/11 and this administration has put America in this position–this is unacceptable,” he added.

U.S. national security is expected to worsen. This is the bleak assessment of Lawrence Sellin, retired U.S. Army Reserve Colonel, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran–and expert on COVID-19, international IT, and pharmaceutical industries.

“The United States is showing all the signs that a major, perhaps violent, internal conflict is coming,” he said on Twitter. “The country has not been this divided since the American Civil War began in 1861.”

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