Former President Barack Obama’s White House chief medical officer is concerned about former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental health and physical endurance. In a recently published interview, he said he sees him as lost and that something is not right about him. 

In an interview, which can be read in full in the book to be published in September by Donald Trump Jr. “Liberal Privilege,” Dr. Ronny Jackson, a former Obama White House doctor, said in response to his impression of presidential candidate Joe Biden’s health, “The best way I can describe him every time I see him is that he’s just lost.”

Some media, such as Just the News, published excerpts from the interview.

Jackson who is now involved in politics in Texas, was reluctant to make the determined claim that Biden suffers from senile dementia that has been repeatedly implied, but he did say something was wrong with his health. 

Jackson, during his work as Obama’s presidential physician, said he witnessed the changes in then-Vice President Joe Biden in person and over time. While she identifies him as a person who is always prone to making mistakes when speaking, he said it’s now not just mistakes but difficulty forming sentences or even completing thoughts and resolving situations he finds himself in. 

Jackson told Trump Jr. that while age can be a factor in mental degradation, it is not universal, and he cited the current president as an example. Joe Biden is 77 and if elected president would end his term at 81. “His age is showing, and it’s showing aggressively right now,” the Jackson said. 

Concern about Joe Biden is not limited only to his cognitive impairment, but also to physical endurance. The job of president of the nation generates a lot of wear and tear, you only have to look at the number of conferences, trips, and meetings that are published in a week by President Trump to realize that. 

Noting that Trump often works 16 hours a day, Jackson told the president’s son, “You can look at it now and you can see it. There is no way. He’s not going to have that kind of resistance, in my opinion.”

The concerns have also extended to the media, at least in those media that do not deny all critical reality of the Democrats. As reported by Washington Examiner, Fox’s host Maria Bartiromo said on the air this month, “There’s a gaffe every day. There’s clearly a cognitive issue here. (…) We know that Joe Biden has one brain aneurysm, and I think it’s two, actually.”

Last December, Biden’s doctors issued a statement saying the 77-year-old man is in good health. But constant discursive furor and difficulty in public speaking leave voters wondering if the former vice president has the physical and mental conditions to meet the challenge of the presidency of the United States.

“His cognitive decline has got to a point where ‘m not comfortable as a citizen of this country having him as my commander-in-chief,” said Jackson.