Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), commented during a Senate hearing during on Wednesday, March 6, on the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States each year.

“Bottom line is that if this continues, it’s like adding a congressional district of illegal immigrants every year,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said of America’s border crisis.

The average congressional district is home to about 600,000 people. According to numbers released yesterday by the Department of Homeland Security, an average of more than 2,000 aliens cross illegally every day at the southern border. It would reach more than 640,000 for the fiscal year.

“This has to stop,” Graham said.

In an interview on “The Story” Tuesday, Graham said: “If this is not a crisis, what the hell would be? We’re being flooded. The numbers are just through the roof,” according to Fox News.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen delivered that same message to Congress. “We face a crisis—a real, serious, and sustained crisis at our borders,” she said. “I hope there can be a consensus that the current system isn’t working and that this is an emergency.”

Among the horrible stories of victims suffering under the current, lawless system, one told by Nielsen today should move every member of Congress to act. Young women traveling north to the U.S. border are sexually abused with such regularity, she said, that U.S. immigration officials must give every girl over age 10 a pregnancy test after arriving.

“This is not a safe journey,” she added.

Meanwhile, press secretary Sarah Sanders commented, “It is absolutely abhorrent that Democrats are still refusing to acknowledge the crisis on the border—particularly when Barack Obama himself even called it a crisis in 2014.”

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