A Democrat that imposed some of the nation’s strictest social distancing measures could face some law enforcement herself.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is being investigated for possibly endangering elderly lives after allegedly ordering Michiganders, who were infected with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus, to isolate themselves in nursing homes.

Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido (R) believes Whitmer should not receive any special treatment and be penalized to the law’s maximum extent for any wrongdoing.

“Nobody is above the law in this state,” he said, according to WXYZ Detroit. “If we find there has been willful neglect of office—if we find that there has been reckless endangerment of a person’s life by bringing them in, then we would move forward with charges against the governor—of course, we would.”

However, the governor does not appear to be cooperating and even accused Lucido of being politically motivated.

“[Mr. Lucido’s comments are] shameful political attacks based in neither fact nor reality,” she said in a statement obtained by Newsmax. “Michiganders are tired of these petty partisan games, and we will not be distracted by them either.”

Fellow Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) has also refused to cooperate with any investigation into the nursing home allegations because she believes Whitmer’s executive order on long-term care facilities addressed any infections or deaths that occurred.

“We do not believe your concerns regarding the governor’s executive orders provide a proper basis to open a criminal investigation,” Nessel said in a statement obtained by WXYZ. “If you believe that your concerns were not adequately addressed by this new executive order, I encourage you to reach out to the governor’s office to discuss additional changes to the executive order.”

However, Lucido rejected the Democrat Party’s allegation of partisan politics and explained he was only trying to bring closure for grieving families who lost loved ones to the deadly disease.

“I did not receive a very warm welcome,” he told the broadcaster. “This is not political, everyone. This is about people who passed away at the behest of a policy that was created by our governor.”

The prosecutor vowed to continue examining the governor’s actions because there are still too many unanswered questions about her handling of the CCP virus.

“Why did my mom or why did my dad, why did brother, sister, or uncle/aunt die?” he said. “Was it because of the policy by bringing in COVID (CCP Virus) infected patients that spread to my mom that killed my mother?”

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