A Republican from Florida compared a federal investigation into alleged political espionage to a national embarrassment.

Sen. Marco Rubio believes more Americans should feel outraged about Special Counsel John Durham’s finding that Hillary Clinton’s campaign counsel paid contractor Fusion GPS to “infiltrate” Donald Trump’s computer servers and monitor his cellphone data.

“If this is all proven true, it would be one of the greatest political scandals in American history,” he said in a video shared on YouTube.

The senator predicts at least counsel Michael Sussman could be charged with treason, which carries the maximum death penalty, if Durham successfully substantiates the allegations.

“It would be a crime, no doubt about it and it would tell you why these people think they can get away with it–they think they can get away with it because the media will not report on it,” he can be heard saying.

Rubio is disappointed with mainstream media failing to expose those Clinton supporters accused of falsifying evidence to link the Trump campaign to Russian espionage in the United States.

“This is a big deal [and] it is shocking to me that this is not receiving more coverage in the press, I do not think any of the Sunday shows covered it,” he said.

“What we are talking about here is not simply the probe that you are using data scientists to make up a story or links between Trump and Russia but the White House,” he added.

The Republican suspects there would be no news blackout, if the Trump campaign was accused of the same crime.

“If this was the other way, about how the Trump campaign had hired some data experts and others to go out there and do this to a President Clinton, we would not even be talking about anything else around here,” he said.

The senator also questioned the credibility of mainstream media, after reading speculation about the former president flushing key documents down the toilet.

“I do not know what is true or not, because they have made up so many stories about Donald Trump over the years about things that I know are just flat out untrue,” he said.

“I have seen books with things in there that I know were not true and they are widely reported as established facts–that is why it is so hard to take any of these things seriously,” he added.

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