A Republican from Kentucky will not immunize himself because he is unlikely to catch the deadly disease.

Sen. Rand Paul publicly made a conscientious objection to being vaccinated against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

Paul was previously infected in March 2020 and has since made a full recovery. He maintains he is one of millions of Americans who developed natural immunity, and is unlikely to suffer from the super virus again.

“[About] 100 million Americans got COVID (CCP Virus) the natural way and have immunity naturally,” he told 77 WABC’s “The Cats Roundtable” program. “I just made my own personal decision that I am not getting vaccinated because I have already had the disease, and I have natural immunity now.”

The senator urged National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci to fully disclose the direct impact lockdowns and social-distancing rules had on fighting the pandemic.

“Show me evidence that people who have already had the infection are dying in large numbers, or being hospitalized–or getting very sick,” he can be heard saying.

The Republican, who was one of the first officials to test positive to the virus, expressed frustration with the Joe Biden administration’s policy of introducing draconian government restrictions under the pretence of saving lives.

“It is very important that the government not tell us what to do, force mandates on us without first having the burden of proving these mandates are actually helping the public health,” he said. “In a free country you would think people would honor the idea that each individual can make their medical decisions.”

Paul accused the Democratic Party of resorting to regulatory overreach, instead of educating the public to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

“Are they also going to tell me I cannot have a cheeseburger for lunch?” he said. “Are they [then] going to tell me I have to eat carrots only [to] cut my calories? All of that might be good for me but I do not think ‘big brother’ ‘ought to tell me to do it.'”

He also believes the United States would be a very different country if Donald Trump was still in the Oval Office.

“It would not be ‘big brother’ coming to tell me what I have to do,'” he said.

The remarks came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urged patients, even with a prior history of the CCP Virus, to be vaccinated.

“You should be vaccinated regardless of whether you already had COVID-19 (CCP Virus) [and] that is because experts do not yet know how long you are protected from getting sick again after recovering,” the CDC website said.

“Even if you have already recovered from COVID-19 (CCP Virus) it is possible–although rare–that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 (CCP Virus) again,” it added.

At the time of publication CDC reported nearly half of all adult Americans have been fully vaccinated, with 61.1 percent of the population already receiving at least one dose.

The CDC previously confirmed with CNN that there were 5,800 vaccinated Americans who still got infected by the CCP Virus and experienced some adverse health conditions, with at least 74 fatalities.

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