Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) accused the president’s chief medical adviser of lying to U.S. Congress on July 21. The senator believes Anthony Fauci’s deception “derives from elitism.”

The remarks represent the latest allegations against the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Fauci was earlier criticized for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) parent organization allegedly funding “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China.

The general public is divided about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus’s origins, and a growing number of concerned citizens suspect the deadly disease spread from a lab leak at the facility.

Much of his dishonesty comes from elitism.

Sen. Rand Paul

Regardless of where the virus came from, Paul believes the adviser made false and misleading statements to Congress.

“It is a crime,” he said on NewsMax TV’s “Greg Kelly Reports.” “It is a felony to lie to Congress and, without question, he is lying. Yes, he funded gain-of-function research in there.”

The senator suspects Fauci is not telling the truth because the NIH admitted it temporarily stopped taxpayer funding to the WIV.

“In 2014 they had a pause in funding gain-of-function research,” Paul said. “How can you pause funding if you were never doing it? He says that he never has funded gain-of-function research, and yet there was a pause on it for three years.”

The Republican previously revealed he had asked the Justice Department to launch a criminal inquiry into the adviser.

At a Senate Health Committee hearing on July 20, Fauci and Paul sparred with both accusing each other of lying. 

The senator alleged Fauci had lied about NIH sponsoring WIV through the non-profit EcoHealth Alliance.

Paul accused the adviser of failing to acknowledge the research examined gain-of-function experiments.

Fauci fired back and called the Republican a liar, accusing him of inaccurately categorizing research and wrongly blaming NIH for sponsoring the Wuhan institute.

However, the senator later clarified that he never claimed WIV has openly admitted to creating the deadly disease.

“We did not argue that the research involved and published by Dr. Shi … Shi did not admit to creating COVID (CCP Virus),” he said. “In her research, Shi created a novel virus that was not known to man, did not exist in nature–it was not COVID-19 (CCP Virus). We are not saying she created and admitted it.”

Paul believes the Chinese doctor performed the same sort of research that could create the CCP Virus.

“We are saying that Shi was doing the type of research that could have created COVID-19 (CCP Virus), and that may not have been honest or forthcoming about it,” he said. “Dr. Shi, the bad scientist from Wuhan, published a paper in which she lists the NIH as funding her paper.”

The Republican also revealed the WIV published an NIH grant number in one of its report, confirming the funds actually changed hands.

“She lists the grant number for goodness sake, so there is no question the NIH funded it,” he said. “The question that Dr. Fauci is trying to misdirect us with, is that he is saying it was not gain of function.”

Paul insists the adviser lied on purpose.

“Much of his dishonesty comes from elitism,” he said. “He believes that the common man is not smart enough to know things, so he may have to lie on occasion–this is what Plato called noble lies, he lies with good intentions.”

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