Former vice president Joe Biden’s son stepping down from a Chinese-backed private equity fund and defending his business dealings in Ukraine further pushed Republicans’ efforts to call for an investigation. 

“The American people knew right from the get-go this was wrong,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Tuesday Oct. 15 on “Fox & Friends,” reacting to Hunter Biden speaking out about his oversea business dealings.

“The American people understand fairness, they instinctively get this wasn’t fair, this wasn’t proper, this wasn’t right,” he continued.

Biden broke his silence and defended his actions, telling ABC’s “Good Morning America” that it was just “poor judgment” for him to have accepted the lucrative position.

“I know I did nothing wrong at all. Was it poor judgment to be in the middle of something that is a swamp in many ways? Yeah,” he said.

Last week, Biden also announced he will step down from the board of directors of a Chinese company at the end of the month and will not work for any foreign-owned companies should his father win the presidency.

“I think the American people, again, they saw this for what it is. They know it smells. They know it’s wrong. And that’s the fact. So, look, let’s deal with the issues that the American people care about now,” Jordan said. “They are so focused on attacking the President, that’s all they want to do in this unfair process that they have begun.”

Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-Ala.) said he plans to introduce legislation calling on Congress to investigate Hunter Biden’s oversea business dealings while his father was vice president.

“I’m not asking for a foreign government to investigate him, I want the United States Congress to investigate him,” he told “Fox & Friends.”

The Byrne called out Democrats who “continue to turn a blind eye to the Biden scandal.”

“We must draw attention to the Democrats’ hypocrisy and demand a full investigation into the Bidens and their sketchy business dealings with China and Ukraine,” Byrne said in a statement. “Instead of wasting time with the with hunt against President Trump, Congress should demand answers from Joe and Hunter Biden and get to the bottom of all this nonsense.”