Republican election candidates are increasingly gaining favor among Hispanic voters across Texas.

Donald Trump’s former presidency is still popular among Texans whose ancestors came from Central America, South America, and other predominantly Spanish-speaking regions.

Politico revealed Hispanic women are increasingly common in the GOP’s supporter base. However, this was not so much the case during the 2020 presidential election when other South Texans supported Trump’s bid for a second term in the Oval Office.

The publication speculates the shifting demographic is due to a rising number of Hispanic females questioning their loyalty to the Democratic Party. Community members have already been appointed as GOP chairwomen in four border counties. Six are standing for the 2022 U.S. election as Republican House candidates in four districts near the U.S.–Mexico border.

Mayra Flores is running for Texas’s 34th district and hopes her campaign will bridge the gap between traditional Hispanic and conservative values.

“For so long, people here just never had Republicans knocking on their doors and calling them the way we did in 2020,” she said, according to the publication. “The majority of us are women that did it then, and are doing it now because we feel it is our responsibility to keep the American dream alive.”

Flores, who works as a respiratory care practitioner, believes her political rivals do not respect traditional Hispanic values like “faith, family and hard work.”

“Democrat policies continue to hurt our community by breaking down our traditional family values, removing God, and convincing us that we must depend on big government to survive,” she said in a video shared on Twitter.

“This is not the Hispanic spirit. This is not what generations before us immigrated to this country for—we came for freedom, we came for opportunity, we came for the American dream,” she added.

The Republican supports protecting national borders from illegal weapons, and both drug and human trafficking.

“Democrats say border security is racist, but that is a lie. Border security is compassionate, humane, and necessary—it is simply common sense,” she said.

“Border security should not be a partisan issue, we cannot allow emotions to overrule logic [and] our country cannot sustain the numbers that are crossing the border illegally,” she added.

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