A Republican cleverly substituted lost property used to bring the Virginia General Assembly to order on Feb. 14.

Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears attracted major media interest with her creative flair for replacing a missing gavel in the state Senate.

Sears reportedly hammered the pad with her patent-leather high heeled shoe, after an “unknown prankster” took the real gavel and hid it out of sight.

Washington Post reporter Laura Vozzella witnessed the unusual sight and shared a photo of the relevant footwear on social media.

“She took the trick in stride: ‘One shoe can change your life, just ask Cinderella,'” she said on Twitter.

Sears responded to the extra attention with her own sound advice.

“Resourcefulness–never underestimate it!” she said on Twitter.

The Republican is the first black female lieutenant governor in the Old Dominion State. She has the power to make tie-breaking votes in the state Senate where there is a slim Democrat majority.

She announced her first tie-breaking vote for Senate Bill 173 (SB137) about discretionary sentencing guidelines, on Feb. 10.

“In my role as lieutenant governor, I preside over the Senate each day,” she said on Twitter. “Today, I had my first opportunity to do so on SB137.”

The legislation in question requires courts to provide written statements that adequately explain a sentence imposed.

“The bill also provides that the failure to provide a written explanation that adequately explains the sentence imposed is error that may constitute a basis for resentencing by the trial judge,” the bill wording said.

“The provisions of the bill apply only to those sentencing hearings conducted and such sentences imposed on or after July 1, 2022,” it added.

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