A Republican, responsible for signing bills passed by the South Dakota State Legislature, is not interested in shutting down the Mount Rushmore State due to the deadly disease.

Gov. Kristi Noem refuses to introduce extreme lockdown measures, borrow huge amounts of money, and make generations of taxpayers pay the bill to help contain the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus.

“South Dakota will not be taking on billions of dollars in new debt. We will not be raising taxes on residents or businesses, and we will not be looking to Congress to send us more stimulus money,” she said in an opinion article published by the Wall Street Journal.

No mandated lockdowns or face masks

“The state has not issued lockdowns or mask mandates. We have not shut down businesses or closed churches. In fact, our state has never even defined what an ‘essential business’ is [since] that is not the government’s role.'”

Noem has instead advocated for residents to learn to fend for themselves instead of always relying on the government to take care of everyone.

“Rather than following the pack and mandating harsh rules, South Dakota provides our residents with information about what is happening on the ground in our state—the science, facts, and data,” she said.

“Then, we ask all South Dakotans to take personal responsibility for their health, the health of their loved ones, and—in turn—the health of our communities.”

South Dakota CCP Virus results

The latest CCP Virus tally shows this strategy appears to be working, with South Dakota ranking among 11 states that boast the nation’s lowest number of infections.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Mount Rushmore State recorded 87,038 infections and 1,111 deaths, according to the Worldometer website. South Dakota also has the nation’s third-lowest unemployment rate of 3.6 percent and even expects a $19.1 million surplus for 2020.

“Many in the media have criticized my approach to COVID-19, labeling me ill-informed, reckless, and even a ‘denier,'” she said. “Some have asserted that South Dakota is ‘as bad as it gets anywhere in the world’ when it comes to COVID-19 [CCP Virus]—a demonstrably false statement.”

Where the infection rate is really increasing

The governor believes mainstream media outlets should be more concerned about the significant jump in infections in California, Illinois, New York, and other Democrat-controlled states.

“At the same time, my critics praise states that issued lockdowns, mandated masks, and shut down businesses—lauding these states as having taken the ‘right’ steps to mitigate the spread of the virus,” she said.

“Meanwhile, the media has ignored spikes in states that did everything ‘right’ while devastating their economies,” she added on Twitter.

She revealed New Jersey actually has the highest average number of deaths per person, even though the Garden State introduced mandatory face masks in June and fined businesses up to $15,000 a day for not closing their doors.

“Still, over the last two weeks of November, its hospitalizations increased by 34 percent, [representing] a six-month high,” she said.

She believes the CCP Virus will continue to spread no matter how “harsh” government restrictions become until there is an “effective and widely available vaccine.”

“Science tells us that,” she said. “That is one of the reasons why, at the outset, the nation’s goal was to manage hospital capacity. In South Dakota, we have kept our focus on this goal and continued to ensure our hospitals are not overwhelmed and can serve their communities well.”

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