Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has invited Vice President Kamala Harris to step up to the plate and visit the Grand Canyon state’s southern border to see the crisis firsthand as the immigration situation worsens by the day.

“Recently, you stated, ‘You have to see and smell and feel the circumstances of people to really understand them’ [and,] with that in mind, I formally invite you to join me for a tour of the southwest border in Arizona later this month,” he said in a letter to the vice president.

Brnovich believes Harris would benefit greatly from seeing the developing immigration crisis at the southern border.

“It will provide firsthand insight into what Arizonans, law enforcement officials, and migrants are experiencing,” he said.

The Republican is even willing to be flexible and let Harris schedule the visit’s date and time.

“I will make myself available any day of your choosing,” he said. “Let us take this on together, and provide America with the leadership it deserves.”

However, the vice president previously indicated the border crisis did not rank highly on her agenda and even hysterically laughed when questioned about the escalating U.S.–Mexico border crisis.

Fox News caught up with Harris outside of Air Force One and, during the media interview, the vice president made it clear that she had no immediate plan to visit the southern border.

“Uh, um, not today,” she said in a video shared on Twitter.

The Democrat then laughed loudly for several seconds, suggesting the thousands of Mexican nationals—who tried to enter the United States illegally—did not rank highly on her agenda.

“I have [visited the border] before, and I am sure I will again,” she said.

Brnovich does not find the matter funny at all, especially since federal authorities released hundreds of detainees across Arizona without first consulting the police.

“More than 300 individuals in federal custody who were recently turned loose in Arizona communities without any coordination with local law enforcement,” he said. “It should not take a preventable tragedy for the federal government to realize how dangerous and misguided the current ‘catch and release’ policy is.”

He suggested the Democrat’s behavior was completely at odds with her earlier remarks on the importance of upholding the law.

“You recently said, ‘Fidelity to the rule of law forms the bedrock of our democracy’ [and] I could not agree more,” he said. “As the children of immigrants, we both know the opportunity this country provides and that the promise for a better future can only be sustained by a nation of laws.”

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