Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony recalled, “Good borders make good neighbors,” alluding to the construction of the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Hazony shared his views in the podcast “Special Sunday” by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro on Dec. 1.

Hazony, the president of the Jerusalem Herzl Institute, president of the Edmund Burke Foundation and author of the book “The Virtue of Nationalism,” presents two opposing visions for the governance of world affairs.

On the one hand, world imperialism ruled through transnational institutions, and on the other, national territories governed through sovereign nation-states, privileging the latter as the superior.

The inhabitants of a nation share the characteristics of the culture that unites them, a language, customs, religion, traditions, among other things that foster loyalty in a nation.

From there arises the need to protect the nation from the imposition of foreign versions of national characteristics.

Michael Rubin, an academic at the American Enterprise Institute, outlined several successful solutions resulting from walls that define borders.

Among them was the security barrier protecting Judea and Samaria, which rapidly reduced terrorism in Israel by more than 90%.

Similarly, Morocco largely detained the Polisario Front, a communist group seeking independence for Western Sahara.

And between India and Pakistan, a defensive border fence greatly mitigated the Kashmir dispute.

Hazony’s examples reinforces the concept of secure borders promoted by President Trump, who proposed and is now building the wall that will allow him to regulate legal immigration to the country.

Indeed, following the pattern pointed out by Rubin, the construction of the wall in the United States also shows positive results, as pointed out by retired ICE director Tom Homan, who praised last month President Trump’s efforts to mitigate the crisis on the southern border.

On the same occasion Homan harshly criticized Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to use taxpayers’ money to tear down parts of the border wall.

“Why tear down a wall when the data clearly shows that where a border wall was built, illegal immigration fell, drug smuggling sank,” Homan asked in an interview with Fox News.

“I mean, it would be as if she were removing the front door from her house,” said Homan, who explained, “The numbers at the border have gone down 65 percent.”

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