The U.S. electoral system has been discredited by the many fraudulent acts documented to date. In some cases, the votes have been recounted, which is no small feat and of little help if the causes of the fraud are not corrected. 

The irregularities observed in Georgia and the small difference between the votes obtained by President Donald Trump and the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, of only 0.3 percent of the total, forced a manual recount of about 5 million votes. 

Nevertheless, the transparency of the new results is in question if the errors that sabotaged the first count are not avoided, said the author Andrea Widburg, of the American Thinker on Nov. 14.

The difficulties begin with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, declaring that during the recount, the signatures will not be compared to verify the authenticity of the voters.

This is already a factor affecting electoral transparency considering that by checking signatures in Georgia, 3.5 percent of postal votes have been rejected in the past because they do not meet the standard. 

This year the rejection rate is only 0.002 percent, which in itself is a type of fraud, said journalist Dick Morris.

Additionally, there will only be one Republican observer for every 10 vote-counting tables, which also does not guarantee the credibility of the process. 

The counting of 5 million votes will have to be done in record time, which would mean another factor against a fair count.

Perhaps the most important modification is the algorithm of the machines, which have already been proven to transfer votes from President Trump to Biden, illegally. 

In the Democratic states, controls have been relaxed to the extent that it is like “filling out names on slips of paper and putting them in a big bucket to make a promotional ‘drawing’ of a bicycle or a car” in a shopping mall, according to Widburg. 

The implications of all the fraudulent acts recorded in several states have caused consternation among Americans, but for some the implications may be even more serious than those seen at first glance. 

Renowned Republican election campaign lawyer Sidney Powell made an enigmatic statement that adds further intrigue to the controversial election process and to the alleged perpetrators of the disaster.

“I’m going to free the Kraken,” Powell said in a Lou Dobbs interview. Translation, ‘All hell is about to break loose,'” tweeted user @Raiklin attaching part of the interview. “My vernacular: ‘The best lawyer in American history is about to wipe out everyone involved in fraud against the American legal voter.”



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