Floyd County, Georgia, officials fired the local chief elections officer after thousands of uncounted ballots were located, FOX 5 Atlanta reported.

Floyd’s Election Board voted Thursday, Nov. 19,  to remove Robert Brady, citing at least two previous incidents in the past six months as the reasons for his dismissal.

Georgia began a manual recount of all votes last week after President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team reported multiple cases of fraud and irregularities during the Nov. 3 election.

The manual audit uncovered more than 2,600 ballots that were not counted prior to Floyd County’s initial certification, forcing poll workers to rescan more than 8,000 ballots.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger held Floyd County election officials accountable and asked for Brady’s resignation. Reportedly, the problem was that they did not load the votes from a memory card into a ballot-scanning machine.

In addition, over 2,750 uncounted ballots were discovered in Fayette County.

Walton County also found an additional 284 ballots.

Beyond the problems with the counts, Trump’s campaign legal team warned that the count didn’t mean much because the workers in charge weren’t analyzing the ballots in the right way.

“Whatever the count in Georgia today [Thursday], is totally ridiculous. They’re counting the same fraudulent ballots one more time,” said President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, hours before Raffensperger announced the recount result, which, predictably, showed Biden outperforming Trump by 12,000 votes.

Sidney Powell, a well-known attorney who is also part of the legal team, said the lawsuit filed Friday in Georgia by attorney Lin Wood includes an “stunning, detailed affidavit” from a whistleblower who said he witnessed Venezuelan officials working with the electoral software company Smartmatic to manipulate elections in that country. She said Dominion Voting Systems uses software that incorporates much of the Smartmatic system.

President Donald Trump’s campaign legal team held a historic press conference on Thursday in Washington, saying they gathered enough evidence to deduce that there was “centralized” fraud in the Nov. 3 election to prevent the president’s re-election.

Led by Rudy Giuliani, the legal team accused the Democratic Party of stealing ballots, preventing Republican observers from participating in the count, and changing computer results through algorithms.

“In the city of Atlanta, Republicans were not allowed to watch the absentee mail-in ballot process,” Giuliani said.

“We have numerous double voters, we have numerous out-of-state voters, and we have specific evidence of intimidation and changes of vote. That will all be in the lawsuit [filed by Wood on Friday],” he explained.

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