Medical establishments will be prohibited from performing sex reassignment services to children in Georgia, if new rules are passed in the state legislature.

Georgia Republican Rep. Ginny Ehrhart has introduced the Vulnerable Child Protection Act to criminalize registered health professionals in the Peach State who perform “radical” transgender surgeries and transgender hormone therapy in order to change their gender patients who are under the age of 18.

“In Georgia, we will succeed in protecting kids from unproven medical treatments, sterilizing medications, and sexually-mutilating surgeries,” Ehrhart said on Facebook.

The new law proposes to ban children from procedures like sterilization, mastectomy, vasectomy, castration, removing healthy or uninfected body parts, and other forms of genital mutilation. It also bars minors from receiving medication that causes infertility, stops or delays normal puberty, increases testosterone levels in girls, increases estrogen levels in boys, and other forms of cross-sex hormone therapy.

“This form of child abuse is becoming a serious problem in Georgia and is evolving into a national crisis,” Ehrhart said in a statement. “We are talking about children who have not reached the legal age of consent, and yet are being subjected to life-altering, irreversible surgeries and drug treatments that render them sterile and permanently disfigured. The psychological damage this does to innocent children must come to an end … the sterilization and castration of children has no place in a civilized society.”

The Child and Parental Rights Campaign (CPRC) revealed school teachers or administrators allegedly tried to introduce a transgender view to underage students.

“It is coming through a variety of different avenues into the school system but they’re using it to indoctrinate a whole different world view of the very nature of homo sapiens,” CPRC president and general counsel Vernadette Broyles said in a statement obtained by Breitbart. “That is one of the reasons why transgender ideology is so harmful, is that it is indoctrinating children in a worldview that says there are no boundaries.”

Atlanta Pediatric Endocrinologist Quentin Van Meter supported the crackdown against transgender procedures on children because it will discourage minors from irreversibly and “medically” harmfully changing their physical appearance.

“There is no valid scientific long-term evidence that this is either safe or effective, while there is ample evidence that it is harmful,” Meter said in the statement. “Children should be protected from medical experimentation based on wishful social theory. These children are suffering from a psychological condition without biologic basis. Using the bludgeon of threatened suicide as justification is first of all cruel, and secondly, not supported by valid published studies.”

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