Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney evaluated the unusual facts that characterize the electoral process in the United States, and concluded that President Donald Trump should declare martial law.

For McInerney, the nation is a victim of a cyberwar promoted by the Democrats, China, Russia, and Iran and the president should invoke the 2018 executive order against foreign electoral interference, according to an interview published by Brighton on Dec. 1. 

Likewise, for McInerney, it is not only a matter of electoral fraud stated by lawyer Rudy Giuliani, he goes even further and qualifies as treason the behavior evidenced by federal institutions and officials.

He also explains that the attack is a betrayal because he is trying to change the government.

Simultaneously, Trump should invoke the Insurrection Act, because of the actions of the leftist groups Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

In his analysis McInerney considers that the state of emergency enables the Trump administration to arrest all those involved in the alleged treason.

“Start arresting these people immediately, [under] this national emergency,” MacInerney said.

He also recommended that President Trump suspend the Electoral College meeting on Dec. 14, and the opening of the new Congress on Jan. 6, reported the alternative News Target.

For McInerney, the risk to which the nation is exposed is of such magnitude that it is on the verge of irreversible change.

 “This is the last free election we will have” if we don’t act decisively.

“This corruption cannot be accepted. It is treasonous, and we must have a thorough investigation of it,” stated McInerney.

Under these circumstances, authorities should seize all Dominion Voting System machines involved in the large-scale election fraud and prosecute the people responsible for the deception.

The We the People Convention, for whose members the elections should be done over, under circumstances completely unrelated to the possibilities of fraud, expressed itself.

“It is OUR EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to elect our President and that sacred right has been violated by the massive, planned and illegal electoral fraud carried out by corrupt Democratic/Socialist Party operatives across our nation to steal our vote. We will NOT support it,” is part of the comment from We the People.

In the meantime, President Trump is turning to civil institutions for electoral transparency, and while time is quickly running out, there are still several legal remedies that could determine that it is indeed the will of most Americans that he be re-elected.

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