Newly elected Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.), along with several members of Congress, has formed a group of conservative Republicans called Freedom Force, which will oppose the far-left led by Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

In an interview with The Daily Signal, Malliotakis detailed that she decided to run for Congress last year after seeing the negative impact of progressive policies in her state as well as across the United States.

Malliotakis, the daughter of Cuban and Greek immigrants, said the country needs people “to preserve the American dream for future generations” by getting the government back to basics, “keeping the public safe, securing our borders, making sure that our children are getting a good education.”

Malliotakis assessment of Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio

Malliotakis criticized the measures taken by Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus pandemic or COVID-19, assuring that they have been very detrimental to the economy.

She said it was necessary to get the economy back on track and restore the jobs that have been lost in recent months as a result of the prolonged quarantines.

She also stated that there were now concerns about the Democratic administration that has been installed after Biden took office as president and Congress was now led by Democrats in both House and the Senate.  

Concerns about the Biden administration

“Radical policies, whether it be late-term abortion to the ninth month, whether it be radical changes to our bail system that released criminals back onto our streets, whether it be in laws that gave free college to illegal immigrants, laws that protected those who are here illegally that commit crimes or [are] convicted, to protect them from deportation—there are a number of bad policies that have come out and I’m afraid that a lot of those policies may now become federal policies and we need to be vigilant,” Malliotakis noted.

Malliotakis emphasized the initiative that seeks to defend the American ideal, called according to her by the media as Freedom Force, detailing that it was an alliance formed with other legislators who likewise, escaped from socialist or communist regimes and were determined to work for the country and the opportunities it has given them.

“To think about Carlos Gimenez or Victoria Spartz, to come here as immigrants and to become members of the United States Congress; the fact that I, the daughter of a Cuban refugee, can become a member of the United States Congress, that is the American dream that we want to preserve for future generations and in order to do that, we have to keep what’s so truly special about this nation,” she said.

Supporting law enforcement and American freedoms

“We are going to be individuals that introduce legislation that support[s] our law enforcement, that push[es] for our freedoms; make sure that we are speaking out in unison when we need to both for and against policies that benefit the American people and preserve what is so great about this nation, which is freedom and liberty,” Malliotakis added.

Malliotakis pointed out that they will oppose the radical proposals of Democrats like Ocasio-Cortez and other members of the Squad.

Likewise, Malliotakis questioned the fact that Biden took measures during his first day in office that implied a rollback of the policies established by the Trump administration and for the country, such as his announced the reinstatement of the United States in the Paris agreement. 

Former President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the United States from those agreements in 2017 stating that they damage the U.S. economy, and also rely on theories about climate change, which have been questioned by the scientific community.

Malliotakis also questioned the fact that Biden canceled the construction of the Keystone pipeline which, could eliminate thousands of jobs, indicating that they are well-paying jobs. “To me, [these] are not policies that serve the best interest of America,” she added.

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