Elizabeth Forlini, served as a Republican observer and helped process ballots during the presidential election in Detroit, Michigan. In a recently published interview, she relates the number of irregularities she observed, evidencing a real case of voter fraud. These include the existence of ballots from allegedly active military personnel over the age of 70 with false addresses. All of these fraudulent ballots were votes for Democrat Joe Biden.

Forlini’s testimony is one of many being presented by Trump campaign lawyers to demonstrate systematic fraud in the presidential election. In her account, she says she witnessed the decision by Detroit city officials to board up the windows of the TCF Center, the polling place where she participated, to prevent Republican observers from seeing inside.

After waiting five hours, she was finally allowed to enter and found a large number of irregularities that caught her attention. At first, she highlighted the partisan imbalance at the polling place, assured that there were few Republicans inside and instead saw dozens of Democrats who sought to intimidate her.

“There wasn’t a Republican at every table. That place was loaded with hate. When we passed by, they turned the envelopes over. Forlini said that the Republicans were vastly outnumbered by the Democrats, because dozens of observers had to wait outside because they were not allowed in, due to an official excuse that the building had limited capacity to prevent the transmission of the CCP Virus.

In her account Forlini said that the treatment received by the electoral authorities was abysmal. The first thing they said her when she entered was if she had “brought binoculars” since she had to stand 6 feet away from the ballots.

When it was her turn to process absentee ballots from active military members, it caught her attention when she noticed dates of birth that did not match “active military”: “1938, 1939, 1940, were the dates and all those votes were always for Biden. 

As stated, Forlini wrote down a name and ballot number at random. The voter was a 71-year-old woman, allegedly active military, with a Detroit address whose ballot was postmarked Ontario, Canada. The ballot number was 4880, the name Kathy Leal and the registered address was John R St. 4160, Detroit, Michigan.

Tracking that address, it is the Karamos Medical Center. Forlini said she called the medical center and was told they had never heard of Leal.

Forlini described how all the time she spent working at the TCF Center was in an environment of intimidation and suppression, which got to the point where they preferred to leave, “They were harassing us so much that we had to leave. If I had known what I know now, I would have stayed to write down more ballot numbers. We had to be escorted by the Detroit police because of the hostile crowd.”

Describing the election workers she had to deal with, Forlini said they were extreme left-wing supporters who were trying “to get Biden elected at all costs.”

This is not the first lawsuit about irregularities with absentee military votes during the last election. Fulton County, Georgia, cast a total of 900 military votes. Although the military tends to have a conservative profile and therefore is inclined to elect Republican candidates, all the votes are listed for Democratic candidate Joe Biden. More than a curiosity, it arouses a new and great suspicion, reported The BL.

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