Evangelical leader Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, on Tuesday, Nov. 19, continued to criticize Democrats for trying to destroy President Trump.

Graham started his post on social media, “It makes me sick to my stomach. We’re now in the second week of the impeachment inquiry, and this is just dividing our country even further.” 

The pastor emphasized that the impeachment inquiry is not just dividing the country but also damaging the nation.

“The President’s enemies are focused on destroying him and his presidency regardless of the damage it does to our nation.”

He pointed out the accomplishment of Trump presidency.

“Let’s look at his record. The U.S. economy is better than it has ever been, the stock market is at its highest levels in history, key trade deals are being negotiated, ISIS has been defeated for all practical purposes and is on the run, the U.S. Embassy in Israel has been moved to Jerusalem, which had been promised by many previous presidents.”

And the list goes on.

“President Trump has defended religious freedom at home, around the world, and he has made key conservative judicial appointments as he promised, unemployment is the lowest it has been in 50+ years. Should I continue? The list goes on.”

Graham concluded by urging people to pray for President Trump and his family.

“Pray for President Donald J. Trump and his family as the Democrats in Washington continue to try to destroy him and drag his name through the mud. Everyone is benefiting from his policies—even those who want to tear him down.”

Later, President Trump agreed with Graham’s message but asserted, “In the end we will win and save our Country from certain destruction!”

The president recapped what he did for the country by a short video

Last week, Graham also called for Christians to pray for President Trump “throughout the day and all of these proceedings,” ahead of public impeachment hearings.

Graham said, “The media is calling the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry ‘historic’; and it is—historically shameful.”

“It’s a day of shame for America,” he stressed on Nov. 13.

House Democrats are pushing the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and the public hearings are going to the second week.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.,) stressed “there is still no due process” prior to the public hearings this week. 

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