Evangelical leader Franklin Graham on Wednesday, Nov. 13, criticized Democrats and their media for impeachment pushing, urging Christians to pray for President Trump “throughout the day and all of these proceedings.”

Graham said, “The media is calling the Democratic-led impeachment inquiry ‘historic’; and it is—historically shameful.”

“It’s a day of shame for America,” he stressed.

“That our politicians would bring this kind of harm to our country over a phone call, with the world watching, is unbelievable,” Graham explained. “The shame.”

“As Christians, as those who follow and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, let us pray throughout the day and all of these proceedings. Pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, and pray for President Donald J. Trump,” he urged.

In early November, Graham also called on the nation to pray for President Trump as House Democrats move into a new phase of impeachment inquiry.

“This is a sad day for America. Our politics in this country has hit a new low. Nancy Pelosi and her followers in Congress have weaponized the impeachment process. After two years of the Russia collusion hoax, now they’ve turned to this,” he said on Nov. 1.

House Democrats are pushing the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and the hearing Wednesday is the first public session.

President Trump expressed his gratitude to Franklin Graham, saying “The Democrats know what they are doing is wrong.” 

The president had a remark before the hearing, “”They’re trying to stop me, because I’m fighting for you. And I’ll never let that happen.”

During the public hearing, two witnesses, William Taylor and George Kent, admitted that they do not have firsthand knowledge from President Trump. Republicans called the hearing “a sham.”

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