WARNING: This story contains graphic images and video that may be disturbing to some viewers.
A family from California has revealed the horror that is happening behind closed doors in China’s infamous labor camps and prisons. After losing one of their loved ones in the Chinese camps, they are seeking justice for her murder at the hands of the Communist Party. They are brave and determined to tell the world of the ordeals they and many others have experienced.

Millions of innocent people who choose to practice Falun Gong in China, a spiritual practice from the Buddha school, have been illegally detained over the past 20 years by the Chinese Communist Party. Sent to labor camps across China, thousands have been tortured to death, and because the statistics are incomplete, the total number will probably never be known.

Fox News journalist Bill Melugin was assigned the job of reporting on the suppression and persecution of Falun Gong in China. The story he uncovered had never been reported on by mainstream media before and was broadcast by Fox News on May 20, 2019.

The story is about the arrest and persecution of two sisters, Kefei Wang and Yifei Wang, and proof of torture happening in the camps by undercover footage by a family friend.

In July 1999, Jiang Zemin, the general secretaryof the Communist Party of China ordered the eradication of all those practicing the peaceful meditation known as Falun Gong. Their numbers exceeded those of Communist Party members, and Jiang was extremely jealous, thus single-handedly ordered their total destruction.

At a peaceful protest by Falun Gong meditators in Tiananmen Square on July 20, the two sisters along with hordes of others were arrested.

They became separated and were both imprisoned. Yifei Wang had been working as a journalist at the time for the CCP, and she managed to bribe a guard to set her free eventually. She later fled to the United States, where she lives in exile in San Francisco.

Kefei Wang. (screenshot)

However, her sister Kefei, who had worked at Changchun Agricultural Bank, remained in prison. Four months later, her family learned that she had died from a so-called heart attack. After seeing her condition in the hospital, they became convinced she had not died from natural causes.

For the past 18 years, the family has been pleading to have their daughter’s body released. Each year they contact hospital officials that claim they still have her body in the morgue. Authorities refuse to release it unless the family agrees she died from natural causes.

Yifei Wang and her husband Gordon (screenshot)
Yifei Wang and her husband Gordon (screenshot)

Then, in 2015 Yifei’s husband Gordon traveled to China to Jilin labor camp and secretly filmed the meeting with authorities, risking his life.

“It’s been 15 years, and we haven’t seen it, we just want to see the body,” a family member said to the director. “We want to know if it’s still here, we write every year to request to see the body.”
“It’s still here,” the director replied. “We pay the morgue fees every year, I sign for it every year, every six months.”
“You want to see the body. I can do that if you agree she died naturally,” the director continued.
“You don’t have proof it was natural,” the family replies. “To put it simply, director, she didn’t die of normal causes!”
After leaving the camp without Kefei’s remains, the family has vowed to continue seeking the release of her body.
“I wanted to get the truth out about Kefei’s death,” Gordon told Fox News. “And I wanted to get her body released. I want to be able to give testimony about the things that happened to my family. The government doesn’t follow any laws. I will never give up to get her body back.”

Her sister’s death has impacted Yifei, “I can’t even think about her, because when I do, it always breaks my heart,” she said. “I think about when we were young and would play together. She was a brilliant girl.”

One family friend Ming Yu also spent time in prison for his belief in Falun Gong, being tortured in camps for 12 years. “I was a very successful businessman, I had a clothing factory, I employed over 100 people, but after the persecution began, I lost my business,” he said, reported Fox 11.

His punishment included being attacked with electric batons, kept in a cage, and even chained to a door for a month at a time. Many times Ming was on the verge of death.

Ming Yu. (screenshot)

In 2008 he secretly filmed inside the prison camp, with cameras concealed inside a watch, car keys, and other objects.

Ming risked his life while in prison by filming the torture and abuse of Falun Gong prisoners that was going on in 2008, during the Beijing Olympics. He bribed a corrections officer to be able to film the violent abuse at the notorious prison camp where he had been held.

One section of the video shows a Falun Gong practitioner shackled to a bed after being tortured and beaten until he suffered a stroke. He died like that, with his wife grief-stricken beside him.

Ming also filmed Falun Gong practitioners being forced to do very long hours of manual labor, making goods that are sold across the world. Often workers would become so exhausted they would collapse where they were working.

“If you’re ever caught doing this kind of thing, videotaping the details of what’s happening in these camps, you would lose your life,” he said. “The Chinese Communist Party has a quota of people to be killed, and I am one of them.”

Ming secretly took photos of many Falun Gong practitioners suffering from torture, including images of those killed or maimed. In 2019 he was able to escape to Thailand and eventually reach the United States. He is bravely exposing the horror going on in China.

“A heart attack on a 30-year-old woman is, of course, the typical like you get from totalitarian regimes,” Shawn Steel, Republican National Committeeman of California, told FOX 11.

“It’s unbelievable, It’s almost too much for television,” Steel said. “But it’s such an important story because there are millions of people involved. … If we put a spotlight on it, maybe we can actually help save the lives of many people we don’t even know.”

Steel is planning to reach out to the Trump administration regarding this issue, reports Fox News.

Kay Rubacek (screenshot)
Kay Rubacek. (screenshot)


Kay Rubacek, a producer for Swoop films, is working on a movie called “Finding Courage,” which documents the events leading up to Kefei’s murder. According to its site, the movie contains: “Exclusive interviews with former Chinese Communist Party officials provide a unique insight into the hidden world of terror that many Chinese citizens live without ever knowing that life can, and does, exist with freedom outside their world.”