Former diplomat, businesswoman, and former politician Nikki Haley said, “Every American should watch” the “chilling” interview of former FBI Director James Comey on Fox News Sunday.

Haley described as “worrying” the former official’s statements about the handling of FISA warrants that allowed them to spy on Carter Page in 2016, when he was campaign adviser to then-presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Every American should watch this interview. It will send a chill up your spine,” Haley tweeted.

“Regardless of party, this should worry everyone as to the errors that were made.” “Gross Negligence and Intentionality” “Bad Faith” “I was wrong,”” she wrote, accompanying her message with a link to the video from the controversial interview.


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace told the former FBI director that Inspector General Michael Horowitz had found a number of “inaccuracies and omissions” in FISA warrant applications from both the FBI and the Department of Justice.

“17 significant errors in the FISA process and you say it was handled in a thoughtful and responsible way,” Wallace said after showing a video where he made such statements.

“He’s right, I was wrong,” Comey admitted. “I was overconfident … there was real sloppiness,” he continued. “I was wrong.”

The infamous Steele dossier

Wallace then contrasted the results of Horowitz’s investigation with other contradictory statements by Comey about the infamous dossier by former British spy Robert Steele, which the FBI used to obtain surveillance warrants against Page.

“Horowitz says it was not part – as you said – of a ‘broader mosaic’ of accusatory evidence,” Wallace said, but rather the Steele dossier played “an essential role” in FISA’s application.

Wallace also recalled that Horowitz stated that the possible reasons that gave rise to so many irregularities “were not clear,” since on the one hand there was “gross incompetence and negligence, and on the other hand intentionality.”

“But this isn’t some investigation, sir. This is an investigation of the campaign of the man who is the president of the United States,” Wallace remarked, asking the former director with the intention of clarifying the situation, “Did the FISA court receive false information from the FBI?”

“I think that’s correct,” Comey acknowledged.

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