Jenna Ellis announced she will resign from the Republican Party and accused the Republican National Committee (RNC) of betraying the previous president.

“I am leaving the Republican Party until the Republican Party comes back home to conservatives,” she said in a video shared on Facebook.

The former Trump lawyer confirmed she would not return to the RNC until Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and other members step down to give the organization a chance to start over.

“I will stand up and champion truth, conservative principles,” Ellis can be heard saying. “I am not going to stand by and support a party that does not support my values.”

The lawyer also confirmed McDaniel has already blocked her on Twitter, and shared a screenshot that verifies this with the hashtag #RonnaMustGo. The chairwoman also refuses to respond to the RNC’s alleged abandonment of then President Donald Trump back when he was still trying to overturn the November election result.

“I guess she [McDaniel] does not want to be confronted about the RNC lying,” Ellis said on Twitter.

The lawyer had previously shared a news report that investigated why the RNC chairwoman might have lied about not supporting Trump’s legal battle to prove widespread voter fraud occurred.

Michael Wolff’s new book details a tense exchange after the 2020 presidential election between Ellis, Rudy Giuliani, and RNC Chief Counsel Justin Reimer. Reimer allegedly emailed the two Trump lawyers to find out why the pair had helped Trump’s post-election legal battle. Giuliani fired back, demanding that Reimer resign or be dismissed immediately for abandoning Trump.

However, Riemer continues to work as the RNC’s top lawyer and the RNC rejects Wolff’s account of the incident.

“As is typical with most things Michael Wolff writes, this story is simply false,” an RNC representative said in a statement obtained by the Business Insider. “The RNC legal team fought tooth and nail on election integrity efforts for the entirety of 2020, and that continues.”

Nevertheless, Ellis verified the email was absolutely accurate, promising to “show emails from Justin Riemer.”

“Ronna McDaniel knew [the emails] existed in November 2020, and they knew [what] the RNC lied about in response to Business Insider’s piece,” she said on Twitter. “This is about the truth.”

In announcing her resignation from the Republican Party, Ellis stressed she would stand for the truth “even if I stand alone for the truth.”

According to National File, Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers is one of many Republicans who have openly sided with Ellis following her announcement.

“I stand with [Jenna Ellis], [Rudy Giuliani], [Bernard Kerik], and President Trump,” said Rogers, who played a key role in the Arizona audit of the 2020 election. “The RNC supports pride month and backstabbed the tens of millions of Trump voters during the election integrity fight.”

“Now Ronna is pretending to care about election integrity. We can do better!” she added.

Pro-Trump activist Scott Presler similarly expressed solidarity, and even offered to assist Ellis.

Ellis now wants to “get the truth out: the RNC is corrupt and full of self-interested liars [plus] Ronna must go.”

MAGA vlogging superstars Diamond and Silk sent a message to the RNC, urging the committee to “stop mailing, emailing and calling” them for donations. BL understands this is due to the committee’s refusal to support Trump.

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